Tuesday 10: Ten Things To Smile About

Since I've been lacking on the Tuesday 10 lately, I thought it was a good time to list 10 things that made me smile this month. This is quite the opposite of what I had planned which was, "10 reasons I hate winter"...which might still happen later. But for now, I'm keeping it positive because it was a pretty good month! Smile #1. Fall nail polish colors were in full swing! While I do love my pinks and turquoise, I also really love dark polish. Smile #2. A very fun night out with my ladies! It had been years since we dressed our best, piled in 1 car and headed out to see Aaron Watson. We were totes AW stalkers in college and never missed a show, but since husbands and babies and adult li

The Power of Grief

My son had turned 2 about 2 weeks before my husband died an unexpected death. At the time, I was thankful that Kaleb was so young because I assumed he wouldn’t really know the difference, but I was wrong, really wrong. Almost 3 months had passed and Kaleb hadn’t changed a bit. He seemed like the same kid to me, like the death hadn’t affected him at all. Then one day, it was like a light switch, he changed night and day. He started screaming when we would pull up in the driveway, saying, “no! I no go to Kaleb’s house! I can’t want to be here.”, over and over again. Once I managed to get him in the house, it was melt down after melt down. Then when bedtime came, he went from sleeping in his

Tuesday 10

1. I mentioned it on FB last week: How is it that just because we get a little older and we may or may not have had children, why do we instantly lose the ability to function on very little sleep like we did in college? Getting 3-4 hours of sleep and then being expected to function as a normal adult the next day...that is some shit. Please, someone get this fixed. 2. Yes, I have officially switched my polish colors to fall appropriate. I knew you all were wondering. 3. Speaking of season changes, I really wish I wasn't weird about it. Now that I'm sporting a grey/beige color of polish and drinking pumpkin coffee, I just feel like I can't wear pink and turquoise, yet it's still warm e

Just Prayers

This'll be a short blog post for whoever reads it. Let's not get our panties in a bunch here because it's not life vs death, but for me, it's important. Yes, I'm okay, yes Kaleb is okay but we still need prayers. Specifically, with me, there are several things going on. Some things not a single soul knows about, some things I just can't talk about on here. I need a change in my life. Personally, emotionally, and career. I'm in desperate need of direction and clarity. I need some peace with my heart. I need to feel like I can sit still and all will be okay. I'm back to crying daily. I'm back to feeling overwhelmed. Kaleb needs prayers because he can feel the tension from me. I

Tuesday 10 {Bucket List Edition}

You asked for it...(Ok, actually maybe just Britt asked for it) but here it is, My Bucket List in Tuesday 10 form. 1. Go to the movies more. Alone. As in, without child. The child who eats all the popped corn. I actually went the other night for the first time in probably 3 years and it was fantastic. So my goal is to go at least once every 2 months. That's do-able, right? 2. Obvs a huge one is to write my book. But to break that down a bit since I've already started it, I want to write part of my book in Barcelona. I wanna be able to dedicate a chapter or 2 to a significant amount of alone time in Barcelona. 3. In all honesty, I really do love cooking, I just don't see the poin

Being a "Different" Mom

You know, when I was a little girl, after I had already lost my arm, I thought about what my own kids would think of me. I worried they would be embarrassed that their mom was different. I was afraid they wouldn't want me to be around their friends because they were ashamed I only had one arm. This is how my thoughts worked. I was always living in the future and always living in the "what am I gonna do 5 years from now when such 'n' such happens..." It's not such a great way to live because we don't know the future and we have no control over it. Two years ago, I wrote the story of how I lost my arm on my blog. After I wrote it, I let go of a lot of my self-image issues. A LOT. I stopped

Dining for brinner. {letter edition}

Tonight we ate at Denny's because you loved brinner and we've been missing you extra. You know how much I hate brinner. How I hate that for days I feel like we smell of syrup and breakfast sausage. It drove you crazy that I hated breakfast food so much and it drove me crazy that you loved it so much. As you know, we fa-real fought about it. Such stupid fights we had. Stupid. I said this from the beginning, I can't believe how much Kaleb has changed since you've been gone. For some reason, it's been weighing on me for weeks and tonight, watching him eat his pancakes with his over-sized toddler hands (that match yours to a tee), made it reality for me again. Everytime he's coming up with his c

Tuesday 10

1. Physically, mentally, spiritually, I'm just not ready for the holidays. Except maybe Halloween. And while we're on that subject, Kaleb wants to be a train again. Is this acceptable? I wasn't on board at first but I'm wondering why I would even argue that... What was the cutest boy (not baby boy) costume your little dude has ever worn? 2. Anyone have experience with an OCD child? And I'm not being sarcastic or over dramatic. I really think Kaleb struggles with it and I'm just curious when it was detected in your child and what were some of the signs you noticed. Private message me if you don't want to comment. Or email me at samantha.amidon@yahoo.com Any and all information is w

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