Making Decisions and Changes Part 2

So, the last time I wrote, I told you about the big changes Kaleb is about to endure with doing a second year of PreK, but at a completely different school and new settings; I’m not sure I mentioned that he will be at a private Christian school near our home. Currently he does a PreK program at a daycare near my workplace, which is convenient that he can be dropped off early and/or picked up late. Since he’s going to more of a school setting in August, he’ll now be on regular 8-3:30 school schedule with all the holidays and breaks. Which brings me to Making Decisions and Changes Part II: I have decided to no longer keep my 8-5 job at the hospital and pursue other career options like photogr

Making Decisions and Changes

Something I’m pretty sure I’ve never told you is that I sucked at school. No, really, like completely sucked at all things school. I vividly remember being in first grade and needing/wanting to hide my homework papers from my parents. I was so ashamed of my grades and so worried I would get in trouble, that I was literally shoving all my school papers under my mattress, as soon as I would get home. The combination of all my bad grades and trying to hide it from my parents at the age of 6 or 7, sent my physical body on a roller coaster ride. I had so much anxiety that my stomach physically hurt all day, every day. I complained about it hurting so much that my mom took me to the doctor, wh

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