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Tuesday 10 {Bucket List Edition}

You asked for it...(Ok, actually maybe just Britt asked for it) but here it is, My Bucket List in Tuesday 10 form. 1. Go to the movies more. Alone. As in, without child. The child who eats all the popped corn. I actually went the other night for the first time in probably 3 years and it was fantastic. So my goal is to go at least once every 2 months. That's do-able, right? 2. Obvs a huge one is to write my book. But to break that down a bit since I've already started it, I want to write part of my book in Barcelona. I wanna be able to dedicate a chapter or 2 to a significant amount of alone time in Barcelona. 3. In all honesty, I really do love cooking, I just don't see the point in it right now. So add cooking to my list. And I desperately want to make a bad ass quiche. 4. Makeup tutorials on the blog. They are coming, one day. I promise. 5. Take a trip with Kaleb and only purchase one way tickets to different states. No true destination and no true agenda. Maybe do a few amusement parks and meet a couple bloggers in real life. Other than that, just see where the trip takes us. 6. Be a guest on Ellen. I don't know what it's going to take for me to get on there but at some point in my life, I wanna sit in the chair next to Ellen. 7. Hot air balloon ride. It's been on my list since forever. 8. Getting Kaleb to sleep in his own bed. Yes, this is still ongoing and for right now, it's okay because I've been pretty lonely lately so it's nice to have someone to chat with as we fall asleep. BUT. But, this will come to an end one day. 9. Organize my life. Mercy, it's a mess!! Pictures need to be printed, sorted and placed in order. Closets need help. Craft area needs to be burned and started from scratch. All the things need help. 10. Be taken on a traditional, real picnic. I've never been on one. I want the quilt, the basket, the green grass, the bugs, the whole bit. But I don't want to plan it. I want to be surprised. Thanks for the encouragement to do this, this is the first time putting these on paper and now I feel like I have direction. I think I'll print it with a ridiculously girly font and hang it in several places to keep me on track. Thumb up!

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