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Tuesday 10

1. Physically, mentally, spiritually, I'm just not ready for the holidays. Except maybe Halloween. And while we're on that subject, Kaleb wants to be a train again. Is this acceptable? I wasn't on board at first but I'm wondering why I would even argue that... What was the cutest boy (not baby boy) costume your little dude has ever worn? 2. Anyone have experience with an OCD child? And I'm not being sarcastic or over dramatic. I really think Kaleb struggles with it and I'm just curious when it was detected in your child and what were some of the signs you noticed. Private message me if you don't want to comment. Or email me at Any and all information is welcome with no judgment. 3. Online dating was very short lived. People are not awesome and that's all I'm going to say about that. 4. Kaleb doesn't know about the toys that come with any happy meals. I plan to keep it that way. 5. Here's a legitimate question for all readers. I have a friend that I would consider a good friend, (non-blog reader, I promise) and by good friend I mean, this person would probably do just about anything for me if I asked. Here's my dilemma. This person complains and whines and bitches every single time I talk to them, which is nearly every day. It's exhausting for me to listen to. They have been complaining about the same thing for almost 2 years now but won't do anything about it. Because I know this person would be and is a good friend to me, I feel bad for just not caring about their problems anymore. I mean, I have my own set of issues/complaints and let's face it, shit to actually cry about, I feel like I can't carry another person through their struggles. I don't want to seem like the friend that just wants to be friends if you're in a good mood and I never want to hear about your low times but omg, I get physically drained. I'm not sure what my question for you is...maybe I have a few. What would you do? Am I bad friend/person? Should I suck it up? 6. PapaMurphy's pizza pretty much just changed my life. They also have raw cookie dough for sale. But I don't love that at all. 7. I don't get to watch much TV but today, as I'm sitting at home with a sick kid, Britney Spears is on Ellen. She has to be the least intelligent interviewer I've ever see. She's absolutely only famous because of her sex appeal, if that. How can one human being have so little personality? 8. I went to the movies this weekend, without the kid, which was a bucket list item. More importantly though, there was a stupid amount of popcorn consumed in which I have no regrets. 9. We've reached the story-telling stage. Stories like there are bears and rattlesnakes in the living room and some crazy skunk ate his gummy snacks. Also with the story telling, we're in the monster stage. Everyone is a monster. He's a monster. He has monster hair, monster clothes, monster breath, monster kisses, monster attitude. #boymom 10. Pretty excited about the holiday season giveaway. It's going to be like a stocking stuffer/favorite things kinda shindig. Of course the planning is in the very beginning stages, I mean, I don't even have a hashtag yet.

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