Tuesday 10

I'm getting pretty annoyed with my writers block lately. It's either a legit block or I'm just so busy I don't have time to turn around. I think it's both but after 2 people told me in one day they miss T10, I'm making myself sit here and tell you random useless things happening on this end. People who Kaleb encounters, for sure think I'm having an affair with the mailman. Since I order everything a lot of things on Amazon, we often have boxes at our door. That being said, Kaleb thinks the mailman magically bring gifts to use because he's cool like that? Either way, Kaleb loves to announce and show off all his new items to everyone..."LOOK WHAT THE MAILMAN BROUGHT ME!!" ::head::palm:: Y

Tuesday 10 on Thursday because life.

You know how it's been like a decade since I posted a Tuesday 10? Yeah, life has gotten in the way of that and I don't like it. In fact, it's so in the way that I'm posting this shit on a Thursday night and you know how I feel about my bloggyness OCD. So life - I have lots of work crap going on, kid crap, personal crap, photography crap, happy crap, sad crap and unexpected crap. That's a ton of crap at once and it results in #1. Speaking of photography, which it's really not crap, it just sounded good. Here's what you should know about newborn photography - get those pics of that baby done in the first 7 days of its life! Y'all, the newer the better. Newborn photog is freakin hard enoug

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