2015 in a Flash

Who doesn’t love a little yearly recap? With a photo collage, I might add. I grabbed a few pictures from my Instagram account to walk {or jump} you through my year. Actually, I had to make the collage first so I could remember what all even happened this year – it was certainly a busy one! Kaleb started the year off by getting bumped up to a new preschool class where he was the youngest but quoted from the teacher, “the best behaved.” He was super unsure of it in the beginning because he was getting separated from all his friends but he did very well and I was super proud of my guy! I started the year off by picking out some new paint and furniture for the house! It was past time for a new

All the Christmas Crafts

We have made several Christmas crafts and they were all PinWins! Since every single one was easy and turned out cute, I wanted to share. Kudos to my mom for the first one. She brought over all the supplies and helped...because paint and 4 yr olds, yikes! For this one, all you need are some clear (plastic or glass) ornaments, some paint and disposable cups. You simply take the top off the ornaments, decide one what colors of paint you'd like to use and start squirting the paint inside. The colors will layer on top of one another in the ornament (which is what it's supposed to do). Once you have finished putting in all the colors you want (the most we did was 4 at a time) you start to slowl

Her Seasons

It was a bittersweet part of her life. It was a short part of her life but it was more than likely one of the biggest parts. She’ll try to forget and then she’ll always want to remember. She’ll hold onto the sweet parts and cry about the sad parts. She’ll wonder why it happened. She’ll ponder on what she was supposed to learn. She’ll try to squeeze the life out of it until she understands. The harder she squeezes, the faster it slips away. There will be times that she’s mad at God and blame Him, because blaming someone seems easier than having no answers at all. She may never have the answers. She may never know why and while that’s part of it all, her personality needs to know why. She’ll

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