What love looked like today...

Today, love looked colorful when I saw a red cardinal sitting in the green bushes. He had the  orangest beak and such bright red feathers. He made himself known and then flew off the minute I felt the message he was sent to bring. Love. Today, love looked like 3 crispy tacos I ate on a lunch date with my mom. We had the perfect, uninterrupted visit. We talked about anything and everything that came to mind, bonding over Tex-Mex and sweet tea. Love. Today, love looked like a muddy creek bottom, the place I took Kaleb to race his remote control boat. He had been asking to do that for a over a month, so we did just that. With no other distractions or agenda. He hugged me with his muddy hands an

Soccer Season: 1 Soccer Mom: 0

Soccer season is upon us, with today being the first day of practice and I'm already failing. Let me start by telling you this, even though I wrote this post about my feelings towards Kaleb playing soccer, there was a small part of me that was still actually excited to start. (it really was, such a good post) Yesterday I took him shopping for all the soccer things. We bought cleats (2 pair actually), shin guards, soccer socks, uniform shorts and some practice day shirts. I wanted to make sure my baby had everything he needed for his big start. He thought it was essential to have his very own water bottle as well, so I even bought one of those (even though another drinking container is the

Today, I cried. And it was welcomed.

For those of you who have lost someone significant in your life, (a spouse, a child or a parent) you know that time doesn't necessarily HEAL, it just kind of changes things. Some could argue that it heals. I think I've even said it heals. But I don't know that it actually does. Today would have been Charles 34th birthday. It's hard to believe his last birthday on earth was his 30th. And man, we celebrated that 30th in a big way with friends, beer and BBQ. It's possible he may have celebrated a little harder than others.  But that's what birthday's are for. I want to write this short post to say that today, I sobbed like it was the first birthday he had been gone. I sobbed in the morning duri

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