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Tuesday 10: Ten Things To Smile About

Since I've been lacking on the Tuesday 10 lately, I thought it was a good time to list 10 things that made me smile this month. This is quite the opposite of what I had planned which was, "10 reasons I hate winter"...which might still happen later. But for now, I'm keeping it positive because it was a pretty good month! Smile #1. Fall nail polish colors were in full swing! While I do love my pinks and turquoise, I also really love dark polish.

Smile #2. A very fun night out with my ladies! It had been years since we dressed our best, piled in 1 car and headed out to see Aaron Watson. We were totes AW stalkers in college and never missed a show, but since husbands and babies and adult life happened, we hadn't been to see him in ages. He ever remembered us, but seriously, why wouldn't he?

Smile #3. Dude, have you even been seeing the sunsets this month??? They are like whoa.

Smile #4. Pumpkin Spice Latte. Holla if ya hear me.

Smile #5. So we probably found the answer as to why Kaleb sleeps like crap. He's got ear/hearing issues. And while that part is sad, we're hoping a new set of tubes will help and a better bedtime routine can make life normal-ish again.

Smile #6. It's that time of year again...Junkin time! If you haven't ever been out to Warrenton or Round Top Tx for the antique/junk week show, you NEED to go. It's totally overwhelmingly awesome. My inlaws have a booth there and when Kaleb and I get some free chances, we head on over. Kaleb usually gets to go more than I do but that's how I always end up with these ridiculously cute pictures.

Smile #7. This was the month Charles proposed to me. Timehop always sends me these little reminders that, at times, might make me have a "moment" but always warm my heart in the end.

Smile #8. Thomas the Train rides with besties. I think Kaleb's mind was totally blown at the fact he was meeting and riding Thomas. It also helped that his best pal, Sutton, loves Thomas just as much. Seeing them light up was awesome.

Smile #9. Aggie football. And the fact that my boss is a huge aggie and totally promotes A&M tshirt wearing.

Smile #10. This is amputee accident anniversary month! For many many years, September 28th was a dreaded date but now it makes me smile to know I'm a better person for having gone through that day. Plus. I have a real life hero and that's kinda like rockstar status.

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