Why I'm On Social Media

I feel like lately, social media is getting a bad rap and rightfully so, in some cases. It’s becoming unsafe in certain aspects and it’s probably a teenager’s mom’s worst nightmare. It’s a time-suck and a huge distraction at work and school. In addition to those things, it can be incredibly intimidating as far as judging others. Nothing says, “you suck at life skills” quite like an hour spent on Instagram. Nothing reminds you how dated and cluttered your house is, like scrolling through Pinterest. And nothing will make you question why your husband doesn’t send you “just because” flowers, like your Facebook feed. All of these things bring negativity to social media, and I totally agree

To the doctor who validated my mother's intuition ~ thank you.

For months and months I've been taking my 3 year old son to the doctor. Back in November/December, it all started with what was classified as a "croupy cough." What the hell is that supposed to mean anyway? I thought either your child had croup or they didn't. Either way, these last 4+ months, I've heard it all. Croup Bronchitis RSV Flu-like symptoms Sinus Infection Basic Cold Severe Allergies oh and the classic, "he goes to daycare..." Each time we saw the doctor, whether it was in the ER or his regular pediatrician, we were sent home with the same words, "just wait it out...I mean, look at the weather, that plays a huge part and he goes to daycare, doesn't he? ::nodding in di

Tuesday 10 {Questions}

1. Who whats to help me out by having their wedding in Mexico and inviting me so I'll have an excuse to spend a few days at an all inclusive resort? But seriously, I'll even get you a legit wedding gift. 2. Have you officially put away the blacks, purples and navy nail polish colors? Because I'm rocking the pastels. 3. Does it ever happen that at night time, all you can think about is this long list of shit you gotta get done then the next day rolls around and you're just skipping right along like, "I aint got shit to do..."? I swear, if I don't make a list or Pinterest board of some kind, I think I'd forget to eat. Okay, you got me there, that would neeever happen. 4. The Asperger

Tuesday 10

1. Y'all. Parenthood?? How did I miss this show when it was on? It's by far one of the best shows I've watched in a very long time. I cry and laugh at nearly every single episode. Also? Binge watching can eff with your life. Because I'm watching episode after episode, day after day, I feel like I'm part of their lives. When I'm not watching, I'm thinking about it and when I'm sleeping, I'm dreaming about them like I'm real life, in their family. It's basically ridiculous but OMG. So damn good!! 2. So we all know Kaleb is sick a lot. He has had a cough pretty much the entire winter. It gets better at times but then in a couple days it gets worse. Sunday was like our 57th ER visit

Why I'll never be a SAHM

As far back as I can remember, I always knew I wanted to be a stay-at-home mom. I had it in my head that that was what I was meant to be. I was born to have babies and stay at home with them. It was in my heart and soul to be at home with my kids. I just knew I’d be “that” mom; the mom that all the other moms envy because I have time to do all these things with my kids. The mom that arranges playdates, the mom that sets up “school” in the living room to start teaching colors and ABC’s at age zero, the mom that prepares all “clean” food and arranges it to look like animals, the mom that keeps up with all the house work, day after day. I just knew I had it in me to be a SAHM. And I there

Starting Daycare and What to Expect

A year ago this week, my “baby” started daycare. It was truly one of the most terrifying times in my life. I literally stocked my car and work desk with boxes and boxes of tissues because I knew I’d need them. Guess what, I needed every bit of them. Two things you need to keep in mind before I start my list: · My son didn’t truly start daycare until he was 2, so my perspective on a few things might be slightly different than others since I wasn’t taking him as an infant. · I’m not a sugar-coater kind of writer. Good or bad, politically correct or not, I’m going to tell you like it is. 1. Anxiety. Let’s just go ahead and discuss this word, right off the bat. You have

Love You

Something I still struggle with, is not having anyone to tell good news to. In no way does this mean I don't appreciate my friends and family being there for me and cheering me on, but anytime I have good news, I feel a little sting in my heart that I don't have Charles to call. Like I said, I have my list of folks on speed dial and they are always more than excited to hear from me, but there's just something different to having a significant other to talk to. Yesterday was my Listen To Your Mother Show audition. While it was just the audition, it was still exciting and nerve racking. It was also an honor just to get to audition, regardless the outcome. As I was driving, my emotional sel

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