When Tuesday 10 is completely school related

This T10 may or may not be mostly about school but that's our life right now so, I'm sorry about your luck. I do want to start by saying we love K's school!! Thank you to all the teachers, staff, and other moms who have welcomed us and made us feel at home!! I can already tell it's a good fit for us. As far as Kaleb is concerned, I've never seen him happier! Each and every day at pick-up he says, "my day was so good mom!" And when we get to the car he actually wants to tell me about all the things...this is new territory for us because he's NEVER wanted to talk about his day. I'm not sure how well he's learning to write his name just yet, (lol) but the boy is having a fabulous time and for

The Day I went From Mommy to MOM

Dear Kaleb, Yesterday you started your first day of big boy school. You are in a PreK program at a Christian school; you go from 8 to 3, 5 days a week. This was yet again another change for you. You went from a daycare, to staying home with me for 3 months, and now you are in school, doing big kid things like recess and cafeteria eating. When I dropped you off for your first day, you were excited but scared. You started crying the minute you figured out I was about to leave. You were clinging to my leg as hard as you could and said, "no mama don't go. Mommy, please don't leave!!" Your tears were getting bigger and more frequent the more I tried to pull you off of me. I knew the faste

Tuesday 10

Yeah, you read that right! Here we go! So you guys. School starts tomorrow. I'm sure you know that by now since that's all ive been posting about. For the love of all things holy, let's get back to a schedule and structure. At least for Kaleb...I might just come back home and take naps. You didn't hear that from me. About this school biz anyways....my word there's a lot to it! I mean, it's just pre-K and already I'm overwhelmed with paperwork, different calendars, weekly homework stuff and shit I'm already signed up for without asking. I use to think it was cute to walk around with my Erin Condren life planner like I had a busy life, I would add precious stickers to add color and fun note

Back to School {Pre-K Edition}

I didn't make Kaleb do a photo shoot when he turned 5 at the beginning of summer, but I sure did make him do one for back to school! He 'performed' well as usual, with all his faces, but he let me know at the very end that he was in fact done! Neat fact - we did these pictures at my dads old elementary school. I love them so much I'll probably offer back to school mini sessions next year. Here's to hoping he has a great first day (today) and an even better year!

Comparing Memories

Remember when my water broke and we were driving to the hospital and we decided it would be a good time to pick a name for our baby boy? You wanted Mason but I knew all along it would be Kaleb. And you decided on the 'K' because Kay was my middle name and you thought something out of the ordinary would be good. You also suggested that his middle name be the same as my father. Do you remember that night as well as I do? Do you remember loading the jogging stroller out of pure nervousness, not even thinking, aint no one gonna be jogging at the hospital after just having a baby. I was cool, calm and collected during that drive. Do you remember that? I rode as calmly in the passenger seat a

BlogHer16 in L.A.

Another year of the BlogHer Conference has come and gone! It surely is so bittersweet. I've gone to the conference 3 times now and each time I take away something different than the time before but nonetheless, it's always something great and inspiring! Last year walking around the conference and having people recognize me from my writing was pretty huge and awesome! This year, going in, I was pretty uninspired with my writing and where life was taking me. While I love my work-at-home life, somehow I can't get a handle on time and therefore my writing has been pushed aside. Every time i do try to write, I feel like it's crap...hence the entire month of July going by with no posts from me

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