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Tuesday 10

1. I mentioned it on FB last week: How is it that just because we get a little older and we may or may not have had children, why do we instantly lose the ability to function on very little sleep like we did in college? Getting 3-4 hours of sleep and then being expected to function as a normal adult the next day...that is some shit. Please, someone get this fixed. 2. Yes, I have officially switched my polish colors to fall appropriate. I knew you all were wondering. 3. Speaking of season changes, I really wish I wasn't weird about it. Now that I'm sporting a grey/beige color of polish and drinking pumpkin coffee, I just feel like I can't wear pink and turquoise, yet it's still warm enough for summer clothes. This happens to me every year and I don't handle it well. 4. Kaleb think a person's freckles are called sprinkles and says pupcakes instead of cupcakes. I plan to never correct him. Ever. I love sprinkles and pupcakes. 5. Yesterday I blogged about needing some prayers because ohmygosh, I feel like I belong under a rock. As soon as I published that, I saw a helicopter landing at the children's hospital and I was quickly reminded that things can ALWAYS always be worse and I really have no reason to complain. Plus Kaleb suggested we get mini pupcakes before we headed home for the night. Seriously, no reason to complain. 6. As an add on to that post about needing prayers, yes, Kdude will be needing tubes again; he failed his hearing test. On the flip side, this more than likely answers some questions as to why he friggin won't sleep. He's not falling asleep until sometimes 11:30, even if I put him in bed early. The doctor said his ears are probably ringing or just feel funny and that's why he gets all weird when it's super quiet. This mom will be getting a sound machine or something of the likes. Sleep. It's not overrated. 7. Also not overrated? Vanilla Ocean Water from Sonic. I give it my 1 thumb up. 8. Thanks to everyone who commented and emailed regarding my FB post about kids being sick during this time of year. We are going to try some different vitamins and probably some essential oils. I'm all kinds of anti-snot noses and croupy coughs. 9. In regards to the holiday giveaway: Is there anyone who'd like to participate with me? Bloggers? Or maybe someone wants to throw in some goodies? Scentsy? Jamberry nails? 31 bags? It's going to be a stocking stuffer theme so whatever you think would go with that, I'm open. I want it to be BIG. It'll be in November...after we celebrate the Turkey. 10. I'll probably end up going back to school. When? Not a damn clue when I'll even have time, but I HAVE to do something different.

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