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Biography of an Inspirer

Lives & works in central Texas
Born: June 1983
Passions: family, friends, appreciating and capturing beauty, inspiring others to live life to the fullest
Favorite Pastimes: writing, working on her biography, traveling, coffee dates, summertime shenanigans, exploring the "big city", small-town living and of course, airplane rides and guacamole sides

About Samantha

mother| amputee |widow

While these are all a big part of who I am,

they do not define me.  They have shaped

me as they are part of my journey, but only

God gets the credit for creating me.

I am an unpublished author.

Blogger. Photographer. Life's Inspirer.

I don't sugar coat. I am unapologetic.

I am who I am.


Everyone is on their own journey.

Everyone has a story to tell.

Join me on my journey, as I tell my story.




Bachelors of Science in Communications and a minor in English, Tarleton State University,

2002 - 2006

The Fine Arts Academy, 2002-2006

License for wedding, photography and airbrush makeup application, The Westmore Academy in Burbank California, 2006


Publications, Collaborations & Inspirations

Author, MomQuery:

Airplane Rides & Guacamole Sides


BlogHer Conference, 2014-present

Photographer, Whimsy Hall team:

Inspired by:

First and Foremost, the reason I started my blogging journey was because of Leslie at The Mommy Therapy

Other blogging and photography favorites:



Jenny Ingram

Jenny Lawson, The Bloggess

Jackie Jean Photography

Professional Experience

Makeup Artist, Sephora, 2007-2008

Store Manager, Sephora, 2008-2009

Administrative Assistant to the Chief of Staff, Veterans Affairs hospital, Temple, Texas, 2009-2016

Professional Photographer, Samantha Amidon Photography, 2015-present

Author, Biography: in progress

Inspirational Speaker, 2015-present

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