I miss you for him; I miss you for us.

Truth be told, when you left, we (you and I) weren't in the greatest place with our marriage. That was no secret with us. It wasn't what it should have been and it wasn't getting any better. There wasn't a lot of compassion and understanding left; there was just anger and hurt. But the other truth is, we were still good parents and we still had the love of our child that connected us. We still had that. Which is where I still struggle with your absence the most. If I've said it once, I've said it a million times, he has changed so much since you've been gone. It seems silly to say that now, it's almost been 4 years, of course he's changed. Looking back, he was still a baby when you lef

The Thursday Thick and Thin

It's a catchy 'lil title isn't it? I thought so! I'm wondering if it'll become a thing. Like a weekly thing or a monthly thing. Thursday's - the day I tell you about the thick and the thins of my life; some of it important, some of it useless. We'll just have to see how this first one goes! T H I N I've mentioned on one of the many social medias that Kaleb has 2 loose teeth. Well, he still has those 2 teeth, plus 2 more coming in behind them. I've been told this is kinda normal; to be able to see the 2 new adults ones before the baby ones ever leave the nest. Y'all? I can't get on board with this tooth thing. Like, it's gross AND it freaks me out. The vision of my sweet baby at age

I have things. He has things. We all have the things.

I have things to share. Thoughts; words; stories. So, I thought Thursday night would be a good time to share them with you; mostly because I thought tonight was the night Scandal came back on, but I was wrong, so now I have time to write. I miss that Scandal show. It’s edgy and has a lot of law breaking citizens. I don’t know why those type of things bring me joy, but sometimes they just do. Anywho – my things. I have things to talk about. I signed Kaleb up for soccer today. ::stops typing for a moment of silence for myself:: Before I proceed on the soccer thing, you should know there’ll be adult language. Mostly because it feels appropriate and also because I recently read an article

Making something of myself...

I’m typically not a controversial person; I try to steer clear of any drama or confrontational subjects. You’ll probably never see me post anything political and 95% of the time, I’m not going to argue with someone on Facebook. Because that’s just not me. I’m even kilter. Today though, today something on FB got me fired up. A news station had posted on their page that they were working on a story about single moms and dating. They wanted to know, “was it hard to date when you have children.” Seems like a no brainer to me. It also seems like a clean question to ask, there can’t possibly be any hater comments from a straight forward question like that. Wrong. There are some crazies out th

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