Tuesday 10 {10 Things to Smile About}

You know what happens on the last Tuesday of the month?? 10 things I smiled about in February! Here we go. 1. I was surprised with so much love on Valentine's Day! I got chocolate covered strawberries from a sweet friend, a surprise drop off at my door from a secret person, flowers from my inlaws and dad and lots of other little things. I was feeling the love! 2. Speaking on Valentines Day, Kaleb and I were invited by friends to go to the rodeo so we certainly said YES! I'm always up for a date with my guy. We had so much fun together at the rodeo, I honestly wouldn't have wanted to spend it any other way. 3. The Amidon renovation is coming along quite nicely. The floors are complete,

8 Things I Fear Being a Mom

1. Puberty. Being a BoyMom, I fear all things puberty. I don’t want to have the “talk”. I don’t even want to think about what he’s doing during those long showers and I don’t want my baby to have a man voice. 2. I fear talking about other dads. The other day I cringed when Kaleb saw one of his classmates being picked up by her dad. I was afraid he was going to say something along the lines of him wanting his dad. I fear “donuts with dad” at school; I fear Boy Scout trips with dads. I fear all the things coming that include dads, since he doesn’t have one. And hopefully I’m worrying for no reason at all but my heart certainly fears it. 3. Algebra or any math class for

Us Last Year and Us Today

I check Timehop everyday knowing full and well that there's a chance something on that little app will remind me of Charles, but most of the time, that's why I check it. I'm always hoping there will be a picture on there that I forgot I took of he and I, or of him and Kaleb. Today when I opened it, this popped up. I looked at it and re-read it for what seemed like an hour. It breaks my heart. It hurts so much knowing that Kaleb has witnessed some of my very lowest moments in life. He's been there, watching me paralyzed on the bathroom floor, crying so hard, I eventually puke. He's heard me sobbing in the shower. He's sat with me in the car, on the side of the road, because I just couldn't

Tuesday 10

1. I've kinda enjoyed skipping a T10 here and there, because when I do finally write one, I feel like I have quality things to update you on. But let's not compare our meanings of "quality". 2. The Amidon house is in full-swing of a makeover. We're talking new paint and other very exciting things. Hopefully I'll be able to have some type of reveal in a couple months when everything is put back together. Until then, I'm pretty crabby because my house looks like a tornado. 3. I'm not the only crabby one. Kaleb is...well...misbehaving. Have Mercy that child. He's been in timeout now, 3 days in a row. This temper business...are we chalking that up to age or should I consider getting a

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