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Tuesday 10

1. Can I first get a giant pat on the back for blogging not 1, not 2, not 3, not 4 BUT F I V E times this month?! I mean, that's some kinda record, no? I can give credit to two things for this happening, I prayed about wanting to write more and wanting to find the motivation/inspiration to do so. Secondly, I dusted off my old laptop from college and set it up near my bed side. I usually get the urge to write when I'm already in bed and my other computer is in my office hooked up to all the photog and editing crap - which doesn't seem like much of an excuse but there's just something about being cozy in my bed that makes me wanna spill my guts. Cheers!

2. Who else feels a sense of accomplishment and domestic adulthood when you do random things around the house? Of course we get that feeling with clean laundry but I'm talking about really random stuff. Nothing makes me feel more domestic like buying expensive, quality sheets, or remembering to put lemon peels down the garbage disposal so your sink will smell fresh, or cooking enough at one time to freeze an entire additional meal. What completely random act around the house makes you feel domestic?!

3. Motherhood is: arguing with your kid all day to just blow his damn nose, chasing him around with a Kleenex, then 30 minutes into bedtime, he decides he needs to blow it. ::rage::

4. I'm still on my infused detox water kick and I'm totally addicted. I crave that water like nobodies business. I'm actually up to drinking about 120oz a day. Other than my 1 cup of coffee in the morning, water is the only thing I'm drinking all day. Until I have all the margaritas Friday night. Which probably cancels out every ounce of detox water I had that week.

5. Today I posted "find the good in today". Even if it's small, find the good. Yesterday, I found the good when I remembered I had cookie dough in the fridge for the first time in months.

6. I got the Amazon Fire stick and immediately canceled my direct TV service. There is seriously no need for anything else. #savingthemonies

7. Looks like I'll be doing Easter Minis! Who's interested? Let me know so I can tag you when I make the announcement.

8. Kaleb is back to sleeping in my bed, but only part of the night. He starts off in his own and then somewhere in the middle of the night, he creeps into my room. He was waking me up before he crawled in but then he learned that more than likely, I'll take him back to his room. Now he just slides right on in without making a peep. Very frustrating set back over here.

9. So, I'm thinking of getting a dog for Kaleb. Possibly not until this summer. He wants a dog that will run around and play with him (molly isn't much on moving) and I want a dog that doesn't shed. I feel like we need a small to medium size...I was looking at the havaneese breed. Any other suggestions?

10. Who else is watching 'This is Us'??? Completely hooked and totally #TeamToby!

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