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Love You

Something I still struggle with, is not having anyone to tell good news to. In no way does this mean I don't appreciate my friends and family being there for me and cheering me on, but anytime I have good news, I feel a little sting in my heart that I don't have Charles to call. Like I said, I have my list of folks on speed dial and they are always more than excited to hear from me, but there's just something different to having a significant other to talk to.

Yesterday was my Listen To Your Mother Show audition. While it was just the audition, it was still exciting and nerve racking. It was also an honor just to get to audition, regardless the outcome.

As I was driving, my emotional self started to take over-no surprise there. I started thinking how my support system is ultimately Kaleb now, albeit, he's only 3. As I took my, here-I-go-to-my-audition-selfie, I couldn't help but notice the empty car seat. Obviously, never in a million years would I take a 3 year old to a thing like this, but I was a little sad to see 2 empty seats. Along with Kaleb's car seat being empty, so was the front seat.

Before I let myself get crazy upset, because it was my choice to go alone, I started to pray. I thanked God for this opportunity and prayed He would be with me. I was also reminded that if it weren't for Charles and Kaleb, I wouldn't have been given this opportunity, since essentially, they're the ones I write about.

Before I could even finish my prayer/thought, I saw this random sign taped on the overpass I was driving under.

When I passed it, there was no doubt in my mind that was a sign for me. It was like an instant sigh of relief because I knew I was meant to see it.

I immediately did a illegal U-turn so I could get another look. There it was, plain as day.

I don't care who put it there, how long it's been there or if it's still there today. It was meant for me to see in that moment. It was there as a reminder that even though I can't tell him in the way I want, it doesn't mean he isn't listening and it doesn't mean he isn't proud.

It was there to remind me that my front seat is never empty.

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