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Tuesday 10

1. Y'all. Parenthood?? How did I miss this show when it was on? It's by far one of the best shows I've watched in a very long time. I cry and laugh at nearly every single episode. Also? Binge watching can eff with your life. Because I'm watching episode after episode, day after day, I feel like I'm part of their lives. When I'm not watching, I'm thinking about it and when I'm sleeping, I'm dreaming about them like I'm real life, in their family. It's basically ridiculous but OMG. So damn good!! 2. So we all know Kaleb is sick a lot. He has had a cough pretty much the entire winter. It gets better at times but then in a couple days it gets worse. Sunday was like our 57th ER visit, and for the record, he's technically not bad enough to go to the ER but I have super good health insurance and sometimes it's just easier to pay the ER fee on the weekend than it is for me to take a day off work. Any who, the point of this is that I'm tired of doctors telling me to wait it out. Esp when they are 20-something-yr-old residents who don't have kids of their own. I understand it's their job but I'm really getting tired of hearing them say they understand what we're going through at home, because they don't. They haven't sat up with their child for hours upon hours, listening to them cough every 20 seconds. I'm just frustrated and so damn done with winter. 3. Charles and I went on our first (and technically only) blind date 8 years ago today yesterday. <3 4. Who's ready for bluebonnet pictures?? I totally am! If you want me to snap a couple (very not professional) photos of your babies in the wildflowers this year, let me know. I'm probably going to set aside one whole weekend for this and for those of you that are local, you can just meet me where the fields are pretty and blue and we'll have some fun. Seriously though, I love picture taking, shoot me an email if you're interested. 5. I like this "time" better than the old time because we have more sunlight in the evening and more sun in the evening means it'll be getting warm, very soon. What I don't like is how whiny we all are the first week. I miss you sleep. I miss you. 6. Why do I forget how freakin' amazing the 10 minute mall massages are? I always wait until my shoulders are too tight to even move and my neck will barley turn 30 degrees. For 10 minutes and twelve bucks, I'm like a new person. 7. I think it's safe to say my writers block is going away. I've been able to bust out 4 posts for MOMquery in the last couple weeks. Be on the lookout for my articles! 8. Anyone that has the ability to be chipper and happy in this weather, isn't human. 9. Who else has a hard time dealing with and tolerating socially awkward people? Just me? 10. I'm very pleased with the choice made on the Bachelor. I'm NOT so sure how I feel about the double announcement. I mean, Britt doesn't bathe and they want us to watch her for an entire season. This is a first world country Britt, friggin shower.

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