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Tuesday 10 {Questions}

1. Who whats to help me out by having their wedding in Mexico and inviting me so I'll have an excuse to spend a few days at an all inclusive resort? But seriously, I'll even get you a legit wedding gift. 2. Have you officially put away the blacks, purples and navy nail polish colors? Because I'm rocking the pastels. 3. Does it ever happen that at night time, all you can think about is this long list of shit you gotta get done then the next day rolls around and you're just skipping right along like, "I aint got shit to do..."? I swear, if I don't make a list or Pinterest board of some kind, I think I'd forget to eat. Okay, you got me there, that would neeever happen. 4. The Aspergers kid on Parenthood - does he for real have aspergers or is he just one hellva actor? If he doesn't have it, kid really deserves an award. 5. Do people even think for 1 second about the photo they are choosing to post on FB??? Like, "hmmm...this is an awful or disgusting photo of xyz...maybe others don't wanna see it." or, "the angle of this selfie causes everyone to automatically see straight up my nose." SMH. 6. When did you start introducing "grounding" to your kid? I grounded Kaleb last month but I'm 100% sure he didn't understand it. At all. I figure it's never too early to at least talk to them about it and introduce the vocabulary. 7. So a couple weekends back, I tried the cookie dough brownie combo and overall, it was great. Has anyone tried the cookie dough cupcake? Any tricks I should know?

8. Who else has a stupid amount of bags/totes/purses but none of them ever seem to be just the right size so you feel the need to buy your 47th bag?

9. Any recommendations for awesome iPhone 6 cases that don't weigh 22lbs but are still good for slippery hands? I get mine Monday!!

10. If you could name 1 fitting career for me, what would it be? Anything at all. Nothing that involves clapping, cats or running though. Because yikes.

11. BONUS! I've gained several new followers this month...comment on my Facebook post and introduce yourself if you're new to these parts. Thanks for stopping by!

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