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Soccer Season: 1 Soccer Mom: 0

Soccer season is upon us, with today being the first day of practice and I'm already failing.

Let me start by telling you this, even though I wrote this post about my feelings towards Kaleb playing soccer, there was a small part of me that was still actually excited to start. (it really was, such a good post)

Yesterday I took him shopping for all the soccer things. We bought cleats (2 pair actually), shin guards, soccer socks, uniform shorts and some practice day shirts. I wanted to make sure my baby had everything he needed for his big start. He thought it was essential to have his very own water bottle as well, so I even bought one of those (even though another drinking container is the very LAST thing we need more of).

I left the store feeling confident and prepared. And also slightly poor. But who's counting anyways?

This morning, bright and early, Kaleb woke me up asking what time soccer practice started.

{I had double checked the printed and highlighted schedule the night before and made sure of the time.}

So at 7a.m., I had to tell him that practice wasn't until 12:30. It was a very long morning of him asking if it was time to go, could he get dressed, when could he put on his cleats ect ect. Finally I gave in around 10a.m. and told him he could get the damn shoes on. I couldn't even anymore.

It should be noted that also at that time, I had decided we would leave the house 30 minutes earlier than what we needed to, so we could get to the field in enough time to get situated with everything. The plan was to take the shin guards with us and put them on there, after I saw the other kids and made sure they were wearing them as well.

{If there was one thing I hated the most about being a kid, it was "being different" than all the other kids. Which is ironic because I was always forced to be different or do things differently than the others because of my arm.}

Anywho, while still at the house, after Kaleb got dressed and his shoes on, he came to me and said I needed to call someone for help. I was like, "ummm what? why????" He said, "Because these are my first pair of lace shoes and you can't tie them the right way for me."


I reassured him that I could tie them, it just might not be the quickest way.

It's safe to say there was a slight meltdown (from both of us) because this was in fact, his first pair of tie shoes and it was essential they be tied well so they would STAY tied during soccer.

I can tie my own shoes but the catch is, I use my teeth. Kaleb didn't want me to use my teeth in front of everyone at practice, which is why he wanted to get fully dressed and ready, here at the house, eleventy hundred hours early.

Thankfully, PaPaw had stopped by for a minute and Kaleb immediately asked him to tie his shoes. It was all a little disheartening for me, mostly because I hate not being able to do something, but I hated that he already feels a certain way about me in front of other kids.

Life goes on, right?

We were still prepared as ever for practice, though. Water bottles were fixed and my lawn chair was loaded in the car. We pulled out of the driveway at 11:30 sharp, giving us 30 minutes to get to the field and 30 minutes to make sure we had our life together before everything started.

Just as we were getting to the park, I remembered I needed to look at the soccer field map to be sure I knew what field we were on. (there are only about a million different ones).

When I pulled up the website, there it was, plain as day - "First soccer practice starts at 11:30 a.m."

I panicked. What?! 11:30? I know for sure it said 12:30 when I looked at it last night!!

We scurried to find a parking spot and then we sprinted to field number 5! Kaleb didn't know why we were running...I don't DARE tell that kid when we are late to something because I'll get scolded for sure. I already felt bad enough.

We approached the field and I introduced Kaleb. Of course the coach mentioned that practice was nearly over but threw Kaleb in anyways.

I wanted to cry. I thought for sure this time I had my life together and we were prepared. Not so much.

My dude did well, though. He practiced really hard for those 18 minutes he was there, always looking over at me to give me a thumbs up; meanwhile, I was over there feeling like a giant failure.

Practice was over and Kaleb drank from his water bottle like he'd been playing for days. Me on the other hand, wanted to crawl in a hole when I had to approach his coach about upcoming practices. I wanted to reassure him that we'd never be late again, but he himself couldn't give me a set day or time of the week that practice would actually be on. "Maybe Thursdays, maybe Fridays, probably around 6:30....we'll have to see, I'll text you." Yeah......I can't really promise promptness from us with that answer.

All in all, it went fine, even if we never got to put on the soccer socks and shin guards. As far as I can tell, Kaleb didn't know we were late, which I'm thankful for. I'm also thankful I decided to be 30 minutes "early" and he didn't completely miss the entire thing.

No surprise to me, he's the tallest one on the team. I think he'll really enjoy it and once I get my life together, I think I'll really enjoy it as well. Pray for us.

Now, who wants to teach my kid to tie his shoes, NOT using his teeth, damnit? :-/

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