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What love looked like today...

Today, love looked colorful when I saw a red cardinal sitting in the green bushes. He had the  orangest beak and such bright red feathers. He made himself known and then flew off the minute I felt the message he was sent to bring. Love. 

Today, love looked like 3 crispy tacos I ate on a lunch date with my mom. We had the perfect, uninterrupted visit. We talked about anything and everything that came to mind, bonding over Tex-Mex and sweet tea. Love. 

Today, love looked like a muddy creek bottom, the place I took Kaleb to race his remote control boat. He had been asking to do that for a over a month, so we did just that. With no other distractions or agenda. He hugged me with his muddy hands and said he had the best time. Love. 

Today, love looked like a messy house. Kaleb had something of his, scattered in each and every room of the house. As we were getting ready for bed, I noticed his stuff was all over the place, irritating, but at the same time, his stuff was everywhere, which meant he played hard, living in the moment, just as kids are supposed to do. Love.  

And finally, today, love looked like Charles' hands. I went to check on Kaleb one last time and saw him laying there, asleep with his daddy's hands. My little man is a constant reminder of his "Heaven Daddy" and that my friends, certainly looks like love.  

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