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Tuesday 10

I'm getting pretty annoyed with my writers block lately. It's either a legit block or I'm just so busy I don't have time to turn around. I think it's both but after 2 people told me in one day they miss T10, I'm making myself sit here and tell you random useless things happening on this end.

  1. People who Kaleb encounters, for sure think I'm having an affair with the mailman. Since I order everything a lot of things on Amazon, we often have boxes at our door. That being said, Kaleb thinks the mailman magically bring gifts to use because he's cool like that? Either way, Kaleb loves to announce and show off all his new items to everyone..."LOOK WHAT THE MAILMAN BROUGHT ME!!" ::head::palm::

  2. You know what'll be awesome about being 85ish? Getting to say abrupt and offensive things to others and never getting held accountable for them because "awww old people are funny and cute." I swear the elderly play this card all the time just because they CAN.

  3. Speaking of abrupt and old, I won't mention who, but an elderly person DID ask me today just when would I ever snag me a boyfriend? Thank you elderly, thank you for reminding me of my lack of dates. That feels awesome.

  4. The biggest news I have for you as of lately, and I know everyone was wondering...I'm NOT changing my hair color this fall and winter. It will remain blonde all year. GASP. I know. It's too hard on my hair to keep changing and I decided against that this year.

  5. Other breaking news-Kaleb changed his mind about being a train for Halloween. He is now going to be an airplane. I think. Unless his OCD freaks the freak out at the last minute. Stayed tuned. I'll be very excited if the airplane goes through!

  6. I'm already over this indecisive weather. ER trip #1 is already in the books for my guy. Damn you asthma. Damn you.

  7. If you missed my update, my speech/talk thing a few weeks back went GREAT! I'm officially available for any other speaking moments you would like to see my pretty face at. All your prayers worked because once I got passed the first few seconds, I wasn't too nervous at all.

  8. I'm headed to Chicago next week for another blogging convention. That's pretty big news, or it should be, except it doesn't seem real yet. I don't know why, I just can't wrap my mind around. I mean, I haven't even thought about what I'm going to wear, much less been shopping. Here's to last minute planning.

  9. Something I'm very excited about - knowing how many Christmas cards are going out this year with photos I took. If you are using one of my photos, please send me a copy of your card! I want to put you on my fridge!!!

Happy TuesdayNight my Friends!

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