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Tuesday 10 on Thursday because life.

You know how it's been like a decade since I posted a Tuesday 10? Yeah, life has gotten in the way of that and I don't like it. In fact, it's so in the way that I'm posting this shit on a Thursday night and you know how I feel about my bloggyness OCD.

  1. So life - I have lots of work crap going on, kid crap, personal crap, photography crap, happy crap, sad crap and unexpected crap. That's a ton of crap at once and it results in #1.

  2. Speaking of photography, which it's really not crap, it just sounded good. Here's what you should know about newborn photography - get those pics of that baby done in the first 7 days of its life! Y'all, the newer the better. Newborn photog is freakin hard enough as it is, if circumstances allow, please book your session well in advance. Oh and. Never whine about the cost of newborn sessions. Whatever they are asking, it's worth it.

  3. So Kaleb wants to be a train for Halloween AGAIN this year. I'm totally down with it because that means I don't have to buy another costume and that's just 1 more year to have avoided annoying costumes like transformer or iron man. Sorry if that's what your kid is going to be, I'm not down with those.

  4. However, he did recently ask me when can he be a mermaid. Not for Halloween though, just in general. I'm not really shocked by much anymore.

  5. The rumor is true. I'm speaking at a thing. An inspirational thing. For 45 minutes. And I very little prepared. I'll keep you guys semi-posted but for now, all the prayers and good thoughts.

  6. Tell me something, like seriously leave me a comment with yay or ney. When I say "ugly laughing", you guys know what that refers to? Because I thought ugly crying was a legit thing but more and more people are like, what's ugly crying? So if I said I ugly laughed, please tell me you would know that means snorting and all that, right?

  7. It's that time of year where I start bitching about season confusion. It messes me up knowing it's "fall" and enjoying all things pumpkin, yet still wearing sandals and shorts. Get your shit together, fall.

  8. Did I tell you I'm going to Jamaica with my parents in November for a wedding?! Did I tell you that we are all sharing a room at a fancy resort for honeymooners? Did I tell you how I'm not too proud to travel with my folks, esp when they're paying? Lots of selfies people, lots of mom and dad selfies coming your way.

  9. Last weekend my cousin was killed in a head on collision, leaving behind her hubby and 9 month old son. We are headed to the funeral funeral is easy but this one is going to be extra sad. If you think about us this weekend, please say an extra prayer.

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