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Tuesday 10

1. I've kinda enjoyed skipping a T10 here and there, because when I do finally write one, I feel like I have quality things to update you on. But let's not compare our meanings of "quality". 2. The Amidon house is in full-swing of a makeover. We're talking new paint and other very exciting things. Hopefully I'll be able to have some type of reveal in a couple months when everything is put back together. Until then, I'm pretty crabby because my house looks like a tornado. 3. I'm not the only crabby one. Kaleb is...well...misbehaving. Have Mercy that child. He's been in timeout now, 3 days in a row. This temper business...are we chalking that up to age or should I consider getting a second opinion for this shit? No but really, is an ongoing temper normal for these little people? 4. The starbucks at my work still has gingerbread flavoring left from the holidays. If anyone was wondering what I'm drinking these days, it's the wonderful combo of white chocolate with a touch of gingerbread. 5. Who has contacts for a large beach house/condo near corpus? Tell me what you know. And, thanks in advance. 6. I've decided what I'm giving/making myself for Valentines Day. It's an ice cream concoction that I thought of all on my own. If it turns out well, I'll def be sharing. 7. Usually I save my Bachelor comments to the end but I have so much to say. Yet I'm still so stunned, I can't even make a complete and proper sentence. First of all, Brit doesn't shower??? And she sleeps in a full face of makeup?? Not to mention bright ass pink lipstick? C'mon. I honestly hope Chris picks her and takes her glittery ass to the farm. I'd like for them to make an after show of how well THAT goes over. Secondly, Kardashian needs to go. I feel like every time she blinks, her lashes are gonna jump out of the screen and attack something. I love how she boldly stated that she thinks Chris needs someone "who's like.....super real, ya know?" Last but certainly not least, let's discuss Kelsey. Kelsey makes me not have complete sentences because all I can yell at the TV is, "WHATTTT?" You know, from one widow to another, let's just say the death of her husband and best friend has her unstable...let's just say....wouldn't you think she has a mother or a girlfriend that can advise her not to be on this show?? If she's still in shock or still not handling the death well, that's ok, everyone has their own time frame...someone should have stopped her from doing this. BUT. Let's say she's "over it", then she's just straight up a cold-hearted bitch for saying her story is "amazing." Her actions last night made me sad and outraged at the same time. I hope Chris sends her home because she seriously needs help. 8. So, I wouldn't feel right about what I wrote above without sharing this with you, which is written by Kelsey's sister:

Kelsey's story is in fact amazing! I am truly disappointed in the footage that ABC decided to air and the way it showed no sensitivity to Kelsey and Sanderson. I have been there for my sister since the day Sanderson passed, and it has not been easy. It is never easy for someone to move on after a tragic loss happens. The footage you saw where Kelsey said, "Isn't my story amazing?" was in regards to her story of how she overcame such horrific grief. In no... way was Sanderson's death amazing. It is amazing that Kelsey found the strength to seize each day, travel the world by herself, meet new people and take on new hobbies. She chose to take on each day rather than stay in bed crying; that takes a strong person to do that. She has used her experience to help others who have lost a loved one and serves as a role model to empower them to stay strong. I am disgusted by the way Kelsey was portrayed on the show and the comments/messages people are sending. No one ever deserves to be bullied, receive hate mail or be harassed... only bits and pieces of her story and footage have been shown. Thank you to those of you who are sending positive and encouraging words for Kelsey, I love sharing those uplifting words with her. I will not allow the cyber bullying to reach Kelsey, no one should ever be treated with such disrespect especially regarding her deceased husband, Sanderson. For those of you wanting to know more about Kelsey and how she has coped with her loss please read her blog after the season is done airing:

My heart hurts for my older sister. She is truly as sweet and caring as her friends and family claim she is... it's unfortunate that ABC viewers don't get the opportunity to see that.

"You honor a man's memory by respecting his wife."

Sincerely, Taylor

I have mixed feelings about this, but I had to share. I googled Kelsey after I wrote number 7. I do know and agree that all reality shows edit stuff to make it look the way they want it to look in order to get the "wow" reaction or the "whaaatttt" reaction, in my case. Her interview, I'm sure, was edited no different. They let us see only bits and pieces of what she said, however, I still feel like her reaction as a whole, was strange. She still used the word amazing in regards to her story. Even if she was referring to herself as pulling through all of this in an amazing way, it still rubs me wrong. Good for her that she's up off her feet, I'm truly happy she's not still crying in bed a year+ later, but....there's still something. I can't put my finger on it.

Many people have told me I have an "amazing" story. Amputee at 10, widow at 30 and still living life. It sounds contradictory but, other people can say my story is amazing because for them, it's coming from a different angle. I would never say my story is amazing. It's a shit hole of a story. Life handed me some pretty freakin sour lemons but I'm dealing because that's what we do. We deal. It might be amazing to you because you can't "imagine"...and that's ok. I get it. To me, it's amazing when a child beats cancer or a parent picks the pieces up after a child's death. It's amazing to me that they can do this because I'm not in their shoes but I bet if you asked them what they thought of having cancer, they probably aren't gonna say it's amazing. Does any of this even makes sense? I guess it's ok if it doesn't, I just needed to get it out.

I didn't feel right for bashing Kelsey when we probably don't know the entire story but I also didn't want to hold back my thoughts. 9. On a much lighter note, I thought Katy Perry's performance on the Super Bowl was straight up cheesy. And dumb I find it interesting that people either loved it or hated it. Not a lot of inbetweeners. 10. Hey! Did you know you can take a selfie somewhere other than your car??? Because you can. There. I said it. STOP with the weekly car selfie. 

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