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Tuesday 10

Yeah, you read that right! Here we go!

  1. So you guys. School starts tomorrow. I'm sure you know that by now since that's all ive been posting about. For the love of all things holy, let's get back to a schedule and structure. At least for Kaleb...I might just come back home and take naps. You didn't hear that from me.

  2. About this school biz word there's a lot to it! I mean, it's just pre-K and already I'm overwhelmed with paperwork, different calendars, weekly homework stuff and shit I'm already signed up for without asking. I use to think it was cute to walk around with my Erin Condren life planner like I had a busy life, I would add precious stickers to add color and fun notes to myself to hype up the inspiration. Like I said, it was cute to have me a life planner but now....NOW I'm already ordering the 2017 planner because shit got real serious this morning at meet the teacher. I have snack duty and show and tell and index card homework. I mean....damn.

  3. But please new school, still take my child in spite of all my whining.

  4. Non-School related: the flour in raw cookie dough is now dangerous?! The news is seriously trying to make me stop living. There's a 99% chance that if I'm ever found dead in my kitchen, it's not because I decided to bake the cookies...wink wink...if ya know what I mean. I'm choosing the dough.

  5. Kaleb wants to take chips and queso in his lunch box tomorrow. Because my child. We compromised at the grocery store and he settled on spinach dip and pretzels along with grapes and some peanut butter. I mean, I know it's still dip but at least he's getting part of a vegetable and he's happy. Please stop judging, we are new to this lunch rodeo.

  6. In his (and my) defense, he's been voluntarily eating entire apples during the day. So there's that.

  7. How many moms make lunches the night before? Like sandwiches and stuff? Is that something we can do? Does the jelly make the bread soggy during the night? I need to know all the things. ::eats more cookie dough::

  8. So, gone are the days of dressing Kaleb for school the night before. He has to wear a uniform of sorts to his new school and I just think it's probably best that he doesn't go looking homeless.

  9. ::checks pulse to make sure the cookie dough hasn't killed me:: yep, still alive.

  10. If you are a fan of my FB page, which most of you are, you have already seen that I made a 30 second pitch video while I was BlogHer regarding an idea I have. If you haven't checked it out, it's pinned to the top on my FB fan page and also here is the link to vote. From what I can tell, I'm actually in the lead by a little so it's becoming more and more real. Voting is open until Aug 31st, I'll try not to be too obnoxious about it until then Thanks for the support!

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