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All the Christmas Crafts

We have made several Christmas crafts and they were all PinWins! Since every single one was easy and turned out cute, I wanted to share.

Kudos to my mom for the first one. She brought over all the supplies and helped...because paint and 4 yr olds, yikes!

For this one, all you need are some clear (plastic or glass) ornaments, some paint and disposable cups.

You simply take the top off the ornaments, decide one what colors of paint you'd like to use and start squirting the paint inside. The colors will layer on top of one another in the ornament (which is what it's supposed to do). Once you have finished putting in all the colors you want (the most we did was 4 at a time) you start to slowly spin and turn the ornament so the paint covers all the clear area.

Once you have it all swirled around (except don't get too excited, the slower you twist the ornament around, the better the results), place the balls upside down in a disposable cup or something you don't mind getting paint in.

Let them drip and dry over night before you put the tops back on. I was really surprised at how much paint came out into the cup. They need ample time to dry. And then the next day - Voila!

We actually decided to take them one step further though, so that Kaleb could personalize them and give them as know how grandparents are, they love some homemade gifts from the kiddos.

We dipped his hand in white paint and had him make his hand print on the bottom. The white actually showed up really well against all the colors. Once they were dry, we added faces, hats and scarves to his finger prints and made snowmen out of them.

They aren't perfect but isn't that what kid crafts are all about? These were super easy and Kaleb had fun with them, not to mention he's pretty proud and can't wait to give them as gifts.

The other crafts/goodies I've made were all for his class party.

These reindeer jars were a bit more time consuming but they definitely weren't hard. I bought all my supplies at Hobby Lobby. I even scored the glass jars at 50% off. The only other things I needed was brown paint, wiggle eyes, red pompoms and brown pipe cleaner. It was a pleasant surprise to see that they sold the brown pipe cleaners and the red pompoms separate; as in, I didn't have to buy a big package of multicolored and only use the brown.

So anyway, I painted just the front side of the jars with 2 coats of brown and I basically hot glued everything else. I made little tags that said they were from Kaleb and tied them on with bakers twine. You can fill them with whatever snack you want, I personally went with popcorn that was dyed brown because I knew the kids would probably have candy over-load at home.

The other 2 Christmas themed things I made were also very easy...but since they made my hands a hot mess, I don't have a lot of pictures, only the final products.

Christmas Tree brownies and reindeer nutter butters.

Advice for the brownies - bake them a little longer than you normally would so that when you cut them into triangles, they stay together when getting them out of the pan. I didn't use anything special to cut them, just cut them into triangles while they were still in the pan and removed them one at a time. Green icing and sprinkles, you are done! Oh, the candy cane stem was dipped in white chocolate and stuck to the back of the brownie where they dried.

The nutter butter cookies were easy but messy. I also used melted white chocolate to "glue" on the pretzels, eyes and nose. The eyes were mini chocolate chips and the noses were red hots.

All snacks were kid approved and everyone had a great time at the party!

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