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The Birthday Letter - 6th Edition

Buddy! You're SIX! How is that even a thing?!

I have to say, I loved age five.  It was even better than four.

We started the year off by moving you out of my bed and into your own...and that ended up being harder on me than on you.  I spent the first night crying my eyes out, checking on you a million times.  I didn't realize it was going to be just as therapeutic for me as it was you.  I missed our talks and special time together.  You stayed in your bed nearly a whole year; just in the past 2 months you've started asking to sleep with me again or coming into my room in the middle of the night.  I'm tolerant of it every now and then. It's so bittersweet because I loooove my uninterrupted sleep without getting kicked but honestly I love the company sometimes too!

There are a lot of repeats from last years letter, like:

You're basically still the pickiest eater.  You still only like about 5 food items and its frustrating, especially since you've sworn off tex-mex.

You grew like a weed again and as stated last year, I'm baffled at how you grow since all you ever want to eat is pizza or meatballs or cinnamon toast crunch.

Your routine and schedule is still so important to you and you like to do the same things every day.  Last summer when we didn't really have a routine, I saw it take a toll on you.  You like for each day to be similar if not exactly the same as the previous days. 

You are still working on the shy part.  When we get around people you don't know, it takes you a long time to warm up and move away from my hip. 

Our favorite things to do together are still dinner dates, cookie dough making, and nature walks.  We've also added playing legos and board games to that list.

You still absolutely want to marry me. You are telling me all the time how we'd be the perfect pair because we love each other so much.  These conversations make my heart warm because I know your heart and soul is still so pure.

While a lot stayed the same this past year, a lot changed as well.

The biggest is that you started a new school and really excelled.  I'm so proud of the leaps and bounds you made during the year.  You're handwriting has improved and you are also reading starter books.  You love your little school, it's the perfect place for you; lots of routine.  In 2.5 months you'll be starting kindergarten there and I can't wait to see how much you grow and mature.

I didn't think your personality could get any better, but with each year, it really does.  This year brought even more wit with a side of sarcasm.  Before, when you'd say funny stuff, it was funny because it was honest and true.  Now? Now you're funny because you know how to be and it comes naturally for you, when you're comfortable. And I just love that.

You started to play soccer this year and it seemed like you really liked it.  I liked seeing you out there, learning how to be part of a team and taking direction from a coach.  It was a new experience for both of us but definitely enjoyable. 

You've found a new interest in all things army.  You like me to read you books on military history and you're also into watching YouTube videos about it.  You say you're going to be a fighter pilot....errrr maybe a garbage truck man because you think it's cool they get to ride on the back. LOL

Kaleb, if I knew I could express all these things to you in person, right this second, knowing you'd understand the depth and be able to remember them the rest of your life, then I'd tell you.  But I know with your very short attention span, the minute I said I love you, you'd want to go back to watching your iPad. So that's why I write you this letter each year, for you to read when you're older.

There are so many reasons I love you, the list is never ending, but I want to list the ones that stick out in my mind the most at this time.

I love the way you think my homemade tostadas are the greatest thing about life.

I love the way you'll catch my attention in a crowed place to make eye contact, and then give me a thumbs up, just to let me know you're good.

I love the way you laugh when it's from your belly.

I love how sensitive you are towards others.  For the most part, you treat others the way you expect to be treated.  This will bring a lot of hurt feelings in the future, but hang onto that trait for as long as you live.  You were born with a pure soul, try hard not to let anyone take that from you.

I love the way you love cheesecake.  You literally eat it like you're having a love affair with it, and I've never seen a 5 year old be that passionate about anything, especially cheesecake.

I love how outgoing you are when we visit MiMi and Poppy at the antique fair.  You have gotten to know just about everyone there and you walk around like you're the mayor; waving at folks and chatting to whoever will listen. 

I love the way your hands look just like Heaven Daddy's hands. You have so many of his qualities and I'm thankful for that.

I love playing "The favorites game" with you in the car. 

I love the way you're obsessed with combs.  Yes, I said combs.  You keep one in the car at all times so you can fix your hair at anytime. 

I love the way you pose for pictures on your own and look like a natural.  Fifty percent of the poses are mine and the other 50 are yours. 

I love that no matter how many times we explain it, you just don't understand how Nana and Papaw can be my parents. Anytime I call PaPaw "dad", you whisper, "he's not your DAD."

I love the way you think things through before acting on it.

I love that you compliment me.

I love that when I'm frustrated with not being able to do something with one hand, you always always try to have a solution and/or offer your "extra" hand.  And you make it seem so natural.

I love the way you call me "girl." I can't even begin to figure out how to spell it the way you make it sound, but I love it and I hope you always call me girl.

I love everything about you; even when you frustrate me and push all my buttons, I still love you and everything about you. 

Our life is far from perfect and everyday isn't awesome. We annoy one another to no end. You hate that I make us late everywhere we go and I hate that you call me out on it. You don't like when I sing and dance in the car and I don't like when you pout because you didn't get your way. We have our share of challenges but I wouldn't trade them for the world. Sometimes we're like roommates, sometimes like brother and sister and sometimes like best friends. I adore our closeness and friendship, it means the world to me! 

My prayer and wish for you is that age six treats you well. I pray that you keep growing and mature. I pray that you always keep your kind heart and playful personality, and I pray that you keep taking life's lessons with grace. 

You're the key to my heart, Kaleb William. I can't imagine a day without you in it. 

Love you buddy. 

Your Girl. 


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