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Life Lately

On Monday night, I had the feels to right a Tuesday 10. Then I got busy and tired. On Tuesday night, I reminded myself it wasn't too late for a Tuesday 10, then life happened and I picked sleep over blogging. Wednesday came and I contemplated writing a What's Up Wednesday but then I had a child who wouldn't stay in his bed for longer than 5 minutes, complaining about his nose. Because 5 year olds. So, I was forced to choose him over blogging. Which wasn't ideal.

So, it's Thursday morning and I forced myself to pack up my laptop and sit at a Starbucks and write, otherwise life would keep getting in the way. Ironically, this post will be actually be about life lately and you'll better understand how it keeps getting in the way of my ever so, dwindling writing career, that I like to pretend I have.

The good news is, I'm well dressed and I have lipstick on while I'm sitting here. So there's a chance for passerby's to legit think I'm a career based woman. Which lately, I feel like just the opposite.

Let me first talk to you about soccer. Again. Who was wrong about hating being a soccer mom? ::raises hand in Starbucks:: Y'all, I totally love it so far! I look forward to the practices and especially the games!! I'm having a great time watching my little man! Kaleb likes it too, I think. Ha! They won their second game and he was super excited about it, but there's still something holding him back from really getting in the game. I think it may just be nerves and the newness of it all. Plus, it doesn't help that there's a little man pushing an ice cream cart through the park, right during the game to where all the kids can see. Kaleb actually asked for ice cream during the MIDDLE of his first game. SMH. Like, yelled from the field, "MOM! Can I go get an ice cream??" Nonetheless, I admit I was wrong about soccer. It's awesome!

I used to pride myself in being a patient person. Like when I was kid...and hadn't entered adulthood yet. After I became an adult, I still felt like I was decently patient. Then I had a kid and some of that went out the door. Then that kid grew and became school age and had the urge to want to learn to read. And every.single.ounce of patience went out the window. All of it. Let me just say that teachers should get paid 6 figures. I cannot, for the life of me, muster up enough patience to sit there and "teach" him to read when he's struggling with 3 letter words. I know this is how it goes until they learn, but lawd, take my parenting certification away from me, because I'm the worst teacher on the planet. W O R ST.

Earlier, I mentioned I was taking a break from editing, and I'm definitely not complaining, but mercy I've been busy with pictures. It's a legit reason why I haven't had the energy to blog, because after 10 hour days of editing, the last thing I want to see is another computer screen. My eyes feel like sandpaper after I'm done and all I want to do is go to sleep. It's a fantastic problem to have, considering I went out on a limb to quit my 8-5 job and photography is my source of income now; I continue to feel like I still need to find a balance though.

Related to trying to find a work balance, I'm also trying to find a home/eat/sleep healthy balance. I need more work hours in the day but I also need to start getting more sleep. And I still need to spend more quality time with Kaleb. And I need to cook more healthy meals for us. And I need to exercise more. And I need to spend more time in prayer. All of these "need to's" are on my mind daily. And sometimes I make them all happen, sometimes a few of them happen and sometimes none of them happen. When none of them happen, it's easy for the guilt to set in, but recently, I adopted a new {comical} motto for myself:

Of course I'm kidding. Well, actually, I'm serious because I'm not addicted to cocaine. Or any drug for that matter. So on days where I feel like a giant failure because I ran out of time, I started reminding myself of this. And things have been looking up since. Ha!

Something you may not know about me, which after 6(!!!!!) years of blogging, I can't imagine there's many secrets left but, I'd rather give birth again than go to the dentist. I have extreme anxiety about getting dental work done. I can barely tolerate a cleaning and that's my extent. Luckily for me, I've never had any tooth issues, I've never had a cavity ect. Until N O W. Ahhhhh!! Today at 11:30, I have a dentist appt to have things checked out. From what I gather, today will just be the x-ray and another appt will be made to deal with what they find. I'm literally sweating just thinking about it. Ridiculous, I know. The amputee is afraid of the dentist. Sigh. Pray for me.

I'm still making my fruit infused "detox" water. I'm not sure one could say it really works for weight loss, {ok, so minus the fact I just showed you a ripped-open package of cookie dough, duh, of course I'm not losing weight}. However, I do still really like it and the fact it has a little flavor, makes me drink more. So aside from my 1 cup of coffee in the morning, I'm only drinking water all day. No tea; no soda. I've noticed I don't get as puffy from salty foods and my skin looks pretty dang good. It's still a win!

My favorite fruit combo to date is: lemon, raspberries, strawberries and a cinnamon stick. Give it a try!

Yesterday, I did something super out of my little box - I went to a firing range! Oddly enough, it was therapeutic to put a few rounds in a man target. I wasn't sure how I'd like it, but I definitely wouldn't mind doing it again.

Things I've watched lately and/or still watching:

I'm still watching Scandal and Grey's. Duh.

Hart of Dixie was recommended to me by 3 people. When I started it, I felt like it was really cheesy and hard to stay hooked, BUT I got through the first season and really started to like it. I watched all 4 seasons and then was pretty sad it was over. If you need something cute and light-hearted to watch before bed, or something you can have on and not worry about the kids seeing, this a good pick.

I was watching Jane the Virgin as well. I watched all the seasons that are available on Netflix...I believe there are still current episodes so I'm waiting for them to add the most current season. It's also kinda cheesy, but I'm hooked.

I'm currently watching Gossip Girl. I like to have something "easy" to watch when I edit. I need shows that I can mostly just listen to and not have to watch second by second, like you have to do with something like Scandal. Gossip Girl has 6 seasons I's a good one to watch. I'm enjoying it as well.

Lastly, on the side of, less-first-world-items, I want to quickly talk about prayer and kinda about lent. Even though lent is almost over, I wanted to throw out the reminder that it shouldn't just be about giving up a favorite dessert or habit, it should also be about doing something extra for others and it's never too late for random acts of kindness. I don't like to be super public about what I "give up" or do for lent because it should also about being humble and having humility. There are endless things we can do for others without being boastful, like saying a lengthy prayer for others needs instead of for yourself. I'm super guilty of praying for myself before I pray for others so it's something I really try to work on. Try to find something unique to do for someone in the next couple weeks...and try doing it without expecting a 'thank you' or 'praise' in return. It's all about goodness from the heart!

Thanks for listening to my ramblings; I'm off to be tortured at the dentist. Have a great weekend!

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