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Tuesday 10

1. Since my last post, it's clear that some little person is feeling better.

2. I'm amazed at how many people are shocked to see me tan. It's 109 outside folks, you can get a tan from driving your car or walking to the mailbox. Okay, I know, I'm being mean, it's a big deal because I'm normally really pale. I'll be back to normal after October (when the bestie gets married). 3. The front facing camera on the iPhone 5 is 73 times better. This makes taking selfies a little more fun and it makes us all a little more conceded. First world I tell ya.

4. Just when I thought we were getting the whole, "toddler goes to church" thing down, Kaleb looked at me, said, "I'll be white back momma" and took off running in church. It was a glorified moment. 5. I'm a #boymom and sometimes things like buckets get put on your head when you least expect it.

6. Dear Hobby Lobby, you can take your already-40%-off-fall-decor and shove it. We are still spending too much time in the pool and getting bit by the skettos (mosquitos) at night. Aint nobody got time for your extra early holiday decor. Nobody. 7. Our weekend was filled with Birthday fun! Ms. Jory turned 2 on Saturday and had an awesome crayon party and Mr. J.J. turned 2 on Sunday, complete with an Elmo pool party. Thankfully, Kaleb was feeling well enough to hit up both bday bashes.

8. It's been confirmed. There's no real good reason for everyone to turn off their cell phones during a flight. The plane will not crash if you don't have your your shit on airplane mode. 9. My older brother's bday was yesterday. I don't know why it's been since 2006 that we've taken a photo together. Just look at how awesome we are. Gah. Being so fab is exhausting.

10. So how long can I expect bribery and incentives to work? Please tell me I have until at least until kindergarten.

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