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The Birthday Letter - 5th Edition

To my 5 year old-

How is it time to write this letter?! I was just writing a birthday letter to my newly 4 year old, now you’re FIVE! A whole hand. Like you would say, “dat’s crazy.”

Usually by now I would have already written this, just waiting for May 28th to arrive so I could publish it. This year, May 28th is less than 3 hours away and I’m just starting it, as you are fast asleep, right next to me.

I’m not even sure where to begin because this year went so fast and for the most part, things are just as they were last year. Your personality hasn’t really changed, however you have physically grown like a weed. I just bought you new clothes about 4 weeks ago and you have outgrown them already. You are the pickiest eater alive so I’m not really sure how you continue to grow like you do.

You spent another year at the same daycare you have been at for a while now. You enjoyed another year of doing TOT and your best friend is still Sutton. You and Sutton added another sidekick to your group and she’s the best thing that could have ever happened to you both. Demi is the calm and logical one out of the two of you and I couldn’t be happier that the three of you are attached at the hip!

I’m pretty sure I say this every year but every year it’s true. Kaleb you and I have yet again, grown into a relationship like I never imagined possible. I mean, I thought we were close before but we far exceeded those expectations.

Age 4 was different than the others. Age 4 brought real conversations and an actual friendship. You grew up this year and became fun to be around. You are so smart, so witty and have so much common sense. At times, I really feel like I can talk to you about a dilemma I’m having and you’ll talk with me about it until we feel like we came up with a plan.

Our favorite things to do together are go on dinner dates, make cookie dough, and go on nature walks. All of our best conversations happen at night, when it’s just you and I, with no other distractions. You tell me about your favorite part of your day, you talk to me about things that worry or bother you and then 9 times out of 10, you remind me that I’m the best mommy you ever saw or that you just like me so much and you can’t believe it. Those are the best moments of my life. You’ve told me on many many occasions that you are in fact, going to marry me when you get big enough. There have been a couple times I’ve told you that isn’t going to happen and it just breaks your heart…so, for now, marriage it is.

The more time that passes, the more I see myself in you. You are a people-pleaser. You want everyone to be happy and you hate when there is a conflict. You like to be a leader but only when you’re sure of yourself. You have tendencies to be shy but again, never when you’re in familiar surroundings. You love to socialize but I can tell you need down-time in the evenings. You love to be a helper, especially when it comes to playing with your cousin, Libby. You like and need to feel needed. You are always asking if I’m proud of you and of course, I always am. You have the biggest heart of any little kid I know. You love easily and can get hurt easily.

Our days of sleeping in the same bed will be coming to an end very soon. We have both agreed (sort of) that when you turn five, you’ll be moving to your own room. This has been something I’ve wanted for a very long time but as the time nears, I find myself getting sad. I know the change is needed for many reasons but I’m going to miss my buddy and most of all, I’ll miss our talks.

Kaleb, you literally are my entire world; my world is bright and shiny with you! It’s predictable yet challenging at the same time. You make my world and my life what it was meant to be. My heart is full when I hear you belly laugh or when I see you being considerate of others. You are constantly blowing me away just by being you. Please know, I’m ALWAYS proud of you and I’m always always here for you.

Thank you for picking me to be your mom; you have made the last 5 years a better world for me, a world I could never do without. I love you my sweet boy...I'll be sleeping extra close to you tonight.

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