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Tuesday 10 ~ Changes the New Life has Brought

So, I've got a little over 2 weeks of 'work from home' life under my belt. I haven't really gotten into a routine yet, I'm still trying to feel normal-ish; but.....I have zero regrets about my choice!

  1. I have no concept of time. Back in the day, at my desk life, I always knew what time it was because I was always watching the clock, calculating how many hours I have left. Now, I have to set my alarm so I'm not late picking up Kaleb. The day literally fly's and never know what time it is.

  2. I've already forgotten what day of the week it is. When working people post or send me a snap about how it's "only Wednesday", I'm like, "shit, it's already Wednesday?!"

  3. I change my clothes at least twice a day, sometimes three times. I usually wear some type of stretch pants and tshirt to drop off Kaleb, then depending on what I have going that day, I might come home and change into something I feel is appropriate for others to see me in, incase I'm meeting a friend for lunch. If I have plans to stay home that day, I'll always put on shorts so when I lay out in the sun work out in the yard, I can catch a tan. When it's time to go get Kaleb, I usually change again, just for good measure.

  4. Along with changing my clothes multiple times a day, I take random showers at odd times. I used to have a shower schedule and now it's like, "oh hell, why not shower now?" LOL

  5. On days I stay at home, I feel like an old retired person. Last week, when I was all caught up on my editing and it was pouring rain so there were no photo shoots, I literally acted like I was 85. I ate lunch at 10:30, I went and got the mail as soon as I saw the mailman drop it off, I went outside after it rained to check my rose bush, and I wore a lite weight jacket all through the house because I was slightly chilled. The only thing missing was a crossword puzzle and I might actually fix that problem by subscribing to a newspaper for the first time in my life. JK.

  6. I'm actually doing laundry and putting it away. That's huge.

  7. I'm also grocery shopping in the morning instead of at 5:30 p.m. when everyone else is there. This is a game changer.

  8. I don't feel the need to wear makeup and it's been like whoa, who the hell even is this girl?! I can't remember the last time I wore eyeliner on a week day. I suspect this will actually save me tons of money. My budget will be happy.

  9. ......I'm making my own coffee {most} mornings. I'm still on the fence about this change.

  10. I'm thankful in my prayer every single day that this change was possible because I'm the happiest and most free I've felt in a very very long time!

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