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Tuesday 10

It wouldn’t be a true Tuesday 10 if I didn’t whine about my first world issues. You guys. I’m about to simultaneously run out of my 3 most-used lip glosses/colors at THE SAME TIME and all of them have been DISCONTINUED. Whyyyy why do they do this? About 6 months ago, I already started looking around for a replacement for one of the stains and I still have yet to even come close. I may honestly never be the same when that last usage of my Estee Lauder Lip Stain happens.

  1. In other first world-ish news, let me just say that my trip to Jamaica was way awesome. Destination weddings are the way to go, for sure. I mean, where else can you go to a wedding barefoot and it be acceptable? That could have been my favorite part.

  2. No wait, the fact that I was able to get unbelievably good, hand delivered, pina coladas, 24/7 was my favorite part.

  3. Just kidding, there were so many favorite parts. Are y’all jealous yet? In all seriousness, I can totally say I’m a destination photographer now. So you over there, the one that’s planning your wedding in Fiji or Aruba, I’m for hire.

  4. Kaleb is officially on his hot chocolate kick for the season. Thank goodness for Swiss Miss K-Cups. They have made me “the most awesome-ist mommy ever.” Also, whip cream in a can has helped with that title.

  5. My right eyelid is on day 10 of twitching. Someone tell me more about why this happens.

  6. Can we all just make a pact to keep tall knee boots somewhat in style forever? I literally don’t know what I’d wear in the fall/winter if it weren’t for my boots. My life is strictly made up of either sandals or boots. There is no in between.

  7. Also, let’s take a moment and appreciate the season that is otherwise known as, ‘I Don’t Have To Spend Money On A Pedi Every Two Weeks’ because, I mean...

  8. Sometimes I’d like for the underwire in my bra to Not puncture a hole in my skin. That would be great.

  9. I know when you PayItFoward, the idea is that you do it without being noticed or thanked, but does anyone ever want to know how that person reacted? When you PIF in the Starbucks line, do you ever look in the rearview mirror to see if can catch a glimpse of their smile? The other day at the nail salon, a kindergarten teacher was sitting next to me getting a mani and she was talking about her class of 25 kids. I was sitting there in awe that she was still smiling at the end of the day. When I was paying for mine, I decided to pay for hers as well without her knowing because I just admire and appreciate all teachers everywhere. I have no doubt that she was appreciative of it, but wouldn’t it be fun to be a fly on the wall to see their initial reaction? Just me?

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