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I have an office. And it's girly.

Before you even start to compliment me and tell me I'm a decorating genius, I have to shout out to my mom for being a huge help in putting this room together. I had told her I wanted to change the guest bedroom into an office for me and once I picked a color scheme, she took off.

I'm going to let most of the pictures do the touring. I'm just so dang in love with this space, I don't even know what to do with myself. I love how girly it is with all my gold accents! It's been a super refreshing space for me to spend time in.

The majority of things came from Hobby Lobby and Etsy. I also actually picked up several things like the navy arrow on the green board and the "A" book on the college wall down at Round Top, Texas during antique week.

The pennant banner and the gold leaf lamp above my desk came from Target. My desk and chair came from All the gold foiled signs were ordered from Etsy (there are a ton of shops on there that make them). Most of the items on the college wall came from Hobby Lobby and Round Top.

Gold Dot decals came from Etsy.

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