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Tuesday 10

1. I feel like I need to redeem myself from last week’s widow Tuesday 10…It was supposed to be kinda funny, because if you can’t laugh at yourself, all that’s left is crying. I have a very good friend who has experienced a similar situation and we tend to make lite of our widowness when we feel the need so I guess that post was more for her and I and not to get you guys down. So here’s to this week’s Tuesday 10…I promise to deliver 1st world complaints, sarcasm and bitchiness to make you feel more “at home” while visiting my blog.

2. I’m seriously onna start wearing a bag over my head until 10 a.m. each work day. Y’all, I cannot tell you HOW many times people comment on the fact that I don’t smile. I HAVE RESTING BITCH FACE – get over it!!! The other morning a stranger actually said to me, “why do YOU look so mean?!?” and then not even kidding, just two minutes ago, as I’m walking with my coffee, a guy says, “geeze, smile, it can’t be that bad.” It actually hurts my feelings a little because I can’t help it.

3. And then I get over that shit real quick.

4. So, I was a second shooter (photo) in a wedding this past weekend and it was my first wedding! That had me all kinds of excited.

5. I have discovered my ultimate first world complaint – when I get in my ultra-hot car at the end of the day, I always forget I have air conditioned seats until it’s too late and my ass has already sweated and then I start whining about how I forgot about my air-conditioned seats. I know…

6. Three years old was full of irrational meltdowns, picky eating, independence, lack of decision making and the need for instant gratification. Turns out, four years old is the exact same, but all done with adopting the personality of a jerk. (sorry mom, for using that word in reference to your grandson) I mean….we are talking about, I tell him to stop doing one thing and he just looks at me like, bitch please, and not only does it again but does it several times. He has also started in on the heavy breathing, attitude giving, eye rolling crap.

7. Oh and he straight up hit a kid at school for the first time. In the face. Yes, he got a second punishment at home.

8. Amazon has changed my life. Seriously. If I can avoid having to go to the store for stuff I can get free shippng on at Amazon, I’m doing it. Most random purchases so far include: colored bath fizz things for K, mascara, face cleanser and citronella candles. I’m the winner here. Now if only they had a way to ship me some milk…

9. My TV satellite thing wasn't working last night so I didn't get to see the bachelorette. I called my folks and had them record I'll watch it at their house, which should be entertaining.

10. In very serious news, please pray for a friends son who was diagnosed with a type of bone cancer. They just found out today so fundraisers/Tshirts/ect are in the works. It looks like they'll be using #SuperKooper as the official hashtag if you want to follow along. Thanks in advance for prayers.

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