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Tuesday 10

Don’t get me wrong, I love Hobby Lobby and I’ll keep shopping there but the fact they are so religious yet put Christmas decorations out on May 27th….I sense some black kettle here.

  1. People just don’t think before they open their mouth and every time it happens, I use it as a lesson and reminder to myself – think before you talk. Yesterday, in the coffee line, this guy whose walking with a cane (with a swollen knee that looked to have been operated on), says to me (while pointing), “oh your situation makes me feel a whole lot better about mine”…and then proceeds to announce to the rest of the line that earlier he was feeling bad about his bumbed up leg but here is a girl that doesn’t even have an arm. Now- I get what he was “meaning” but c’mon, keep some shit to yourself. It’s not always a must to let everyone know someone’s misfortune just made you feel better about yourself. Think of it like this, if you saw a homeless guy, you’d probably think to yourself, ‘Man, I’m really blessed/thankful/happy/glad/ect that I have a house to live in’. You would not (or I would hope you wouldn’t) go up to that guy and say, “man, sucks for you, sure am glad I have a house.” Thankfully I can roll with the punches pretty well and I’m at a place in my life where I can share this with you solely as a reminder – don’t be an asshole, think before you talk.

  2. So, now that that’s outta the way…we can discuss how on Saturday, I’ll be 32. Ya know, back in the day, when I was 29, LOL, I was so excited to turn 30 because I just knew my 30’s would be so incredibly great. So far, my 30’s haven’t been that awesome. I mean, 31 wasn’t horrible, but it just hasn’t been what I thought. I certainly hope by the time I’m 35 I can say, “yep, this is the life.” They say, ‘the best is yet to come’, right??

  3. 3 photo shoots in 4 days…I think I have my work cut out for me as far as editing goes, but I’m a happy girl!

  4. Do you ever wonder why certain people get placed into your life? I’m constantly wondering that because there are some characters in this world, esp at my lunch table.

  5. Confession time. I’ve never backed my phone up to the cloud but now that I want to, it says it’s going to take 3 days. THREE DAYS. Is this a mistake? I think it’s not because it still hasn’t finished. FML. I have too much shit on my phone.

  6. People. There are 6 new frapp flavors at Starbucks this summer. SIX. Which ones are you going to try?? Caramel Cocoa Cluster is first on my list.

  7. Turns out I need a new roof. Home-owning is fun. Except when it's not.

  8. To all my fur-loving people out there, isn't it funny how those fur balls were your actual kids before you had human kids and now somehow they're just back to basic animals? Prior to K, Molly was treated like royalty. She was our child to the max. I never thought she'd be on the back burner enough for me to forget her birthday...oops...happy bday last month, Molly.

  9. Thoughts on bachelor?! I didn't get to watch last night but I plan to this weekend. Is kaitlyn gonna turn out to be a little fireball?!

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