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Speaking of...Tuesday 10

1. Honestly, I keep thinking about how amazing it'll be, to be in New York for BlogHer15. That and, is it weird that I want to wear exactly the same outfits I wore last year only because they were fab and I had such good luck last year? Yeah, I know that's weird. But I'm weird so it's all good. 2. Speaking of weird, please don't judge me too much on this. I know it's over the top but I have to know if this happens to anyone else. You know how when you walk past some girls and you can literally smell their shampoo in their hair? I mean, WHAT shampoo are they using?? No matter which kind I try, I can never get my hair to smell that good. Please, someone tell me you know what I mean... {this probably makes it sound like I'm saying my hair stinks...which is doesn't. damnit, I sound like a loser.} 3. Speaking of hair. I'm done with mine. Done. I wanna shave it and start over. I'd love for it to be longer but I can't do a lot with it, having 1 hand. No pony tails, no braiding, and no extensive curls. On the other hand, I'm tired of the short and I'm unsettled on the color. I can't keep going back and forth so drastically due to the harsh damage. It's the season that has me all flustered. I just know it. 4. Speaking of season, how about the weather here lately? Huh? Amazing. I literally almost laid out yesterday with tanning oil. Seriously, I did. 5. Speaking of yesterday, since the weather was *on point*, I told Kaleb we could walk out to the creek at my folks house and "play". His version of play and my version are different. He literally wanted to play and I wanted him to do cute things so I could photograph him. He let me win. I'm such a blessed mom.

6. Speaking of photos, I'm pretty much obsessed with finding a reason to use my camera. I just wanna photograph all the kids and all the babies, doing all the things. I'm not so good at the edits just yet but that shall come with time. 7. Speaking of all the babies, my niece is almost 1 year old! Seems like time always goes faster for other parents. 8. Speaking of birthdays, Kaleb will more than likely have a train birthday theme this year and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't ready to start planning. I have the party itch. Maybe I'll just throw a party and theme it around something else...OH! Like, lets drink a lot of wine and watch The Bachelor. 9. Speaking of The bachelor....shit is REAL this season. I almost wanna feel bad for the embarrassment these girls are suffering, but the entertainment is so legit, that my feelings for them go right on out the window. We've already seen CA-RAZY, slutty, drunk, emotional and drunk again. It's so awesome and I'm so easy to please. Anyone that's ever said I was complicated or emotionally all-over-the-place, need to watch this show. This show puts me so far on the normal scale, I'm almost boring. Almost. Also, anyone else feel like Chris is do I say this nicely....a ditz? I'm feeling like he's maybe not the brightest... 10. Speaking of easy to please, I simply want to wear open toes again.

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