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4 Things You Should Never Say to a Mom With a Sick Kid

1. “It seems like your kid is always sick.” Never, ever say this. Regardless if this is true or not, never say this to a mom. If it is true, chances are, we already know they’re always sick and the last thing we need is for you to remind us of that. We’re hurting each and every time our babies are ill. Please don’t make it worse.

2. “Well, I’m glad I stay home with my babies and they aren’t always sick from being at daycare.” Good for you. I’m glad you can stay home, but that isn’t an option for us. While daycare often times is the cause for sick kiddos, it’s not always the cause. If I could keep my child in a sanitized bubble at all times to keep him healthy, I probably would, however, society frowns upon that.

3. “Please don’t let your kid breathe on my kid.” Really? Because I was going to let him lick your kid in the face. C’mon. Refer back to #1, this isn’t our first rodeo. If my child is contagious, I wouldn’t have him out in public, breathing on folks.

4. “Make sure you get plenty of rest.” Who exactly are you saying that to? Because if it’s me, that probably was a waste of breath. When babies, toddlers, kids, teenagers or grown men get sick, mommies are NEVER allowed to rest. Ever. We are the glue that holds this shit together. We aren’t resting. We’re worrying, it’s what we do. That’s why when summer finally gets here and the croup/bronchitis/phenomena/flu epidemic takes a back seat, we want to be poolside with all the umbrella drinks.

Please think before speaking. Sick season is a fragile time for all.

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