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Tuesday 10

1. I have a secret. I'm popcorn obsessed. OBSESSED. There's a gourmet popcorn place near my work and I go there too many times. They have all the flavors and then some. Over the Turkey Holiday, I ran out of popcorn and had a minor panic attack. That's when I knew I had an issue. 2. Kaleb thinks in order to have an appropriate winter, it must snow. Thank you Frozen for giving my child false hope about snow in the winter time. 3. Speaking of winter and Christmas, I decided to skip Elf on the Shelf this year. Thanks to Kaleb's MiMi, we already have the elf, waiting for us but I think waiting 1 more year might be worth it. 4. By now you all know about the giveaway, I'm sure. I wanted to add, in case it wasn't clear, the last entry on the rafflecopter thing is for 5 points which equals 5 extra chances to win. All you have to do is find one of your favorite blog posts (not related to the giveaway) of mine or any of the other sites I listed and share it on your FB. You can do this every day during the giveaway and earn the extra points each time. The last giveaway had over 1000 entries and this one just has over 500. Let's beat last year! 5. If anyone wants to cure their baby fever without actually having another baby, keep my kid for a week; it worked for me. Mother mercy, he's testing me lately. More so than usual. And yes, I know it'll get worse when he's a teenager. 6. And speaking of killing baby fever, you probably also already know that Kaleb is uber sick with RSV and it's been heartbreaking for both of us. Don't be shocked if I don't make it to #10 here. I've barley gotten this far. 7. So I think as an extra giveaway, I'll throw in a Starbucks gift card. The only people who'll qualify will be the people who read this and comment on the Tuesday 10 link on FB. Your comment should only include what you plan to order on your next Sbux trip. Good luck!

8. Why did they make the elves and kids so unattractive on The PolarExpress? So many things I don't get about that movie.

9. Turns out, when my kid throws up on me, it makes me cry. I completely lost it the other day in the doctors office when K puked. I blame lack of sleep and emotional rollercoaster rides. Those poor nurses...

10. I literally have nothing else to say.

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