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As you know, I skipped Tuesday 10 yesterday. I just ran out of time. I already hate how busy this time of year is getting and it's just getting started. I do have some thing to tell you. Some of them are from my Tuesday 10 that never was, some of them are more of a SO What! Wednesday type of deal, and the rest? Well they're just there for good measure. Here we go. I bought Christmas gifts for people. A month early. What's happening to me? No but seriously, online shopping is saving my ass this year. I'm totally buying all the things online and it feels good. Sorry but not sorry to the USPS. This is the time of year where you earn your keep. SO WHAT! if you want to copy me and give your little the same Christmas gifts that Kaleb is getting from Santa. That's why I'm sharing what I bought him. Toy Story Sofa Lincoln Logs

These are the only things Kaleb will be getting from Santa and myself. Charles and I use to discuss this all the time; while he's still too young to really understand gift giving, he's getting minimal things. In just a couple years he'll be at the age where he says, "where's my gifts from mom AND santa? This is all I got? I wanted more presents..." Thankfully, he's not there yet. When he wakes up Christmas morning and sees this train/log/thing put together along with his own couch, he'll be pumped. And I'll sit back, sipping coffee, not having to put batteries in a single damn thing. See how cute that sounds? I like it. Oh, both things were ordered from amazon. I adopted a soldier for Christmas and that makes me happy. I used if you're interested. It seems fairly easy. You sign up, select how many months you want to send a box, (it can just be 1 month) and then they assign you the soldier that's next on the list. After I got the names (I did 2 soldiers for 1 month each), I sent them an email asking what they'd like the most in their box and as soon as they reply, I'll be putting it together! Just so we're clear, I'm open to getting invited to any and all holiday parties/balls that you might need a date for. Momma likes getting dressed up. SO WHAT if I've been seeing a lot of buff guys sporting the bionic prosthesis lately? And SO WHAT! IF they're slightly a turn on for me? You know how our moms would always tell us, "well, life isn't fair..."? Yeah, turns out, that saying applies for all stages of life. I'm totally feeling the unfairness lately. And this is me whining about life. The giveaway starts on Monday and it has me slightly stressed. So, there's that. In case you were wondering, I'm sporting black finger and toe polish and I don't feel the least bit goth. That sentence alone makes life feel a bit less unfair and that makes me happier. I'm considering doing a gingerbread house with Kaleb this year. Anyone have experience with a good kid-friendly kit that worked well for you? Because, scary mess. Last but not least, I'm sharing my Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Dip recipe with y'all again because after all, I'm all about letting the Turkey have his day.

1 Can Pumpkin

1 Box Vanilla Instant Pudding

1 Large Cool Whip

Beat Together

Cinnamon & Sugar to Taste

Chocolate Chips to Garnish & Decorate

To me, this tasted the best with the green apples, but was also good with the GingerSnaps.

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