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Tuesday 10 {the-not-so-bitchy edition}

It's occurred to me that I bitch and whine about age 3, a lot. What's worse is that it means I'm bitching about Kaleb, a lot. I haven't put him in a positive spotlight in such a long time so I thought this Tuesday 10 would be the perfect time for me to do so. 1. First, he's never shy to give me a big ole kiss on the lips. That little man loves to gives smooches. In fact, he does it so often, I rarely have to ask him for one. 2. He might not be a morning person but that means we sleep until at least 8:30 or 9:00 on the weekends. And I LOVE that time with him...granted, we are both asleep. ;) 3. He has a sense of fashion, that one. He loves to wear hats and makes it known that certain hats are for certain occasions. 4. Although I'm thinking we might deal with OCD in the future, I'm usually never guessing at how he will react or what he'll do. I know for a fact, that every day when we get home, he'll want to open the door himself and then he'll hold it open for me to walk in first...and when I say thank you, he'll say "you're welCOME!" 5. He prefers specialK cereal for dinner. 6. His love for music makes me happy. He's just as happy if I have music blaring in the house as he would be with cartoons on the tube. I hope he never quits this. 7. His crazy talking shenanagins. Y'all know I post quite often all the things he says. While some of them aren't ideal, (like the time I told him to pick up his clothes off the floor and he says, "you're a big wady, you do it") I'm still so thankful for his personality and ability to express himself. 8. Of course I am IN LOVE with his eyebrows. I mean, who wouldn't love that?? 9. I do love that he's old enough to seem like a boy rather than a baby but I also love that when's he's asleep, he is still small enough to recognize that baby boy in him. 10. Lastly...most importantly, his heart of gold. This kid amazes me with his thoughtfulness and considerate heart. On his own he asks, "mom want me to rub lotion on your arm?" He tells me at least once a week that I look pretty or that he likes my dress. He asks me about my work-day every afternoon. He brings me his very own blankie when I cry. He hugs me every time we wake up from a nap. He notices and comments politely when I change my polish color and when I tell him I don't feel good, he says, "we should find a doctor for you."

Age 3 is so hard but age 3 with my Kdude is worth smiling about.

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