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Tuesday 10

1. Getting ready for bed on a week night is absolutely my least favorite time. It seems so damn time consuming and having to repeat yourself regarding things like, "get dressed", "stop needing a drink", "it's time to be still", "stop jumping on the bed", and "stop chasing the dog", wears the shit out of me. You?

2. Had my first turkey and dressing meal of the year. And followed it with my first post-turkey nap of 2014. If you don't know by now, napping is my best sport.

3. Ok readers, I want you to spill the beans. Tell me all the Elf on the Shelf things. What age did you start? If you started before age 3 did you feel like you started too early? When did your little nugget really fully understand what this elf character is allegedly supposed to do? Do you move him every night. Are you an over-the-top elf on the shelf mom? It's ok to admit it if you are. Did you do all 30 days? Is Elf anxiety normal? (Please answer the last one with only the word 'yes', no other answer will be accepted.) 4. Kaleb compared his love for me to his love for gummy bears. He technically hasn't even eaten gummy bears in about 12 months. 5. When your kids are little-ish, you kinda always have a sense of nervousness when it comes to their costume for Halloween. It's always like, "will they keep it on? Will they wear it properly? Will they cry when it comes time to put it on?" I have no anxiety this year since I know it's fail proof. Kaleb honestly believes he must do/act/say/wear the exact same thing as last year to be a successful trick-or-treater. Yay for saving that damn train.

6. Oh! So, I got my air ducts cleaned in my house and it's made a world of difference for our allergies. Just a little FYI public service announcement I thought I'd share. Stanley Steamer does it. You should try.

7. This was our dinner conversation the other night:

"Hey mom, when are we gonna get dat bru-ter??"

"UMMMMM what brother?!?!"

"Dat bru-ter.Everybody is gettin bru-ters. You know."

"Yeah, we aren't getting a brother of any kind."

"Yes we are. Jesus told me, 'Ka-wub, you will have a bru-ter and he will be just wike you.'"

"Well, have mercy on me."

8. Pedicures are only awesome when you go because you want to. Pedicures are not awesome when you've just slammed your pinky toe into the doorway and you're hoping your little Asian lady can salvage what's left of your nail...that happens to be bleeding profusely.

9. Is it bad that I'm a bit more excited about pumpkin patch pictures with my niece than I am with Kaleb? I mean, baby girls vs. overgrown toddler boys??? C'mon!

10. I'm still looking for giveaway participants. Bloggers?! Wanna join in a VISA card giveaway?

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