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Tuesday 10

1. Is it possible to be hungover from life? Because I totally am. 2. Seriously. Mondays are only good for procrastination and thinking about how amazing a nap would be.

3. Here's a little secret. When I was in California, I didn't really worry about Kaleb. I can't say I didn't miss him because I did when I'd get pictures of him, but I didn't really desire him for long periods of time. This probably makes me some kind of heartless mom or something but seriously, I think all moms/parents need a break. It's healthy for us to think of ourselves every now and again. And what's the point of lying to everyone and say, "Oh how I wish my 3 year old was here with me as I'm relaxing at the pool..."? I knew he was well taken care of and that I'd be seeing him in a few days. That's all I needed.

4. I reached an all time, new low. I slept in my makeup and retouched it the next day not once, not twice, but three times. If you know me at all, I preach about not sleeping in your makeup and how you can't ever fix last nights bar makeup to look acceptable for breakfast with the family the next morning. I went against my rules and proved myself wrong. You can actually fix last nights bar makeup to look acceptable for breakfast with family. I should have hung it up after the second time, though.

5. Speaking of pulling shit off, I got one the most random and strange compliments from my 13 year old cousin this weekend. This was our conversation: "Sam, I just feel like you can pull off anything. Like anything." "Liiike??????" "Well you're just so pretty. I love looking at your face. You always always look amazing." "Umm did you see me this morning when I was hungover and had pizza sauce on my boob?" "That's what I mean! You can pull off 'rough' like nobody's business. I want to be like you."

6. Confession: I get my house professionally cleaned twice a month. It is by far the best way I spend my monies. Judge alllll you want. Coming home on cleaning days will actually bring tears to my eyes because it feels so amazing. Even Kaleb notices when he's able to walk through his room. 7. I got invited to a very special wedding this weekend and the groom had a little dance prepared for the bride. Cutest. Thing. Ever. I love when people think outside the box. 8. Turns out, I'm a lego master. MASTER. 9. So apparently Molly injured her ACL while I was away. The email from my mom said, "took molly to the vet for hurt leg. It's her ACL. She can have a $4,000 operation or take pain meds until she's better." I voted for medicine via email and she's like a brand new dog. It's a basset hound miracle. 10. Kaleb seems to think I'll be getting my second arm any day now. At least twice a week, at minimum, he says to me, "you still just got 1 arm today?" And when I tell him yes, he rolls his eyes. He just seems very annoyed at the whole thing. I know he's okay with it because he said I was "cool" with 1 arm but he's absolutely annoyed for whatever reason. I told him Jesus had my arm and he just said, "why does HE need it??"

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