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Tuesday 10

1. #31isthenew30DallasEdition was a success! We had a great and relaxing time away. My girls know how to treat a birthday girl just right...they never disappoint. Also, we may or maynot ever be the same after walking through the nude area of the spa by mistake. 2. It's weird how sometimes you just crave ball park nachos. 3. The day after I turned 31, I started getting indigestion. The only other time I've had indigestion like this was when I was pregnant, which isn't the case, so??? Blame it on getting old?

4. Special shout out to my little man for not being a typical man and noticing things like a polish change or new shoes. "Oh! I wike your toes momma!" "What's dose shoes? I wike 'em!" Get your girls lined up, moms and dads, this momma is makin' Kdude into a fine young man that pays attention to detail.

5. You people who write on bathroom walls with your "call for a good time" scandals, are y'all just walking around with sharpies in your pockets because, I mean, I'm addicted to sharpies and all but I'm not walking out the house sayin' "oh hang on, I forgot to grab my sharpie..." Unsolved mysteries. 6. Someone asked me the other day, "don't you want more adventure in your life??" I thought about it for about 2.8 seconds...amputee and widow by age 30? No, I think I'm all set, thanks. 7. Those "kid friendly" hand and foot print crafts you see on Pinterest...your kid has to have the EXACT same size/shaped hand or foot as the one in the picture or your craft will look like shit. Also, the kid can't really be involved in the making process much at all, or again, it'll look like shit. 8. You know you're well into your mom career when seeing a fishing net, an opened bag of goldfish and a basketball goal in your bathroom doesn't phase you one bit. 9. I heart piano bars. Guys that can bust out a Nelly song on a piano, and still make it work, are hot. 10. I'll have some exciting news for you next week...well, exciting for me, (sorry, not time for a giveaway yet) so make sure you watch for it. In other news though, if you're reading this on something other than your phone, look to the right hand colum, you'll see that I've recieved not 1, but 2, 'best birthday decorations' awards from Kaleb's airplane party!! Basically this means the party was badass and I get to have a button, if you will, on my blog. Hashtag YAY. Happy Tuesday!

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