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Tuesday 10

1. Last year during this week, I posted a Tuesday 30 in honor of me turning 30. This year, since I'll be 31, I'll post 31 new one wants to read a total of 61 things about me. Gross. Just re-read last years 30 and pretend it's new to you. Also, here's to hoping 31 is a tad better than 30. Beause, I need life to amp up it's good status. {follow my IG this weekend with the hashtag #31isthenew30DallasEdition}

2. Last week was the kinda week that made me long for a nap at 6am & had me dreaming about glasses of wine at noon. Can't put my finger on why, but longest.week.ever. 3. I love when I'm reminded how much I love my family. They're my 'feel good peeps'.

4. My sunburn has now started peeling and I look as though I have an incredible skin disease. Which is always awesome.

5. You can rest easy. After 2 months of my polish not matching, I couldn't take it anymore. I'm back to matching and couldn't feel more secure.

6. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. If your kid is completely potty trained, does he or she still need a swim diaper??? Homeslice and I were horribly chastised the other day at the water park because he wasn't in a swim diaper. We were made to get out of the pool until I put a diaper on him. Kdude was super confused at the diaper placement and I was completely pissed and frustrated that I had to buy a diaper, use a public restroom and attempt to put on his diaper after he was already wet. Is this what we're all doing?! Please tell me what bandwagon I need to be on regarding tiny hineys.

7. Kaleb can wear pants anywhere from sizes 18 months to 3T. I can't decide if that would be awesome or a curse in the adult world.

8. Lots of tough days/anniversary's are coming up in the next few days and I'm feeling semi-strong, thus far. Y'all musta amped up your prayer status. ::fist bump::

9. Vince Vaughn, I need you to come to momma.

10. Bachelorette makeup post for Britt, Mandy, Vicki and Jennifer:

Andi. She's super pretty with almost perfect brows but whyyyy am I so bored with her. OMG, let's get this show on the road. She says too many of the same words, she kisses LOUD and you can tell she's uncomfortable with her hair.

The guys. So are all the hot guys shying away from bachelorette applications?! I mean, ewww. The personal trainer guy, geeze-us he's straight up ugly. I mean, that's mean but holy grease face. And get a new hair style. I like the farmer. He's kinda dorky but real...and needs to drop the creeper stash. The ex baseball player, completely drool worthy but probably a big time player like every other jock. I'm glad she sent the booze dude, Craig, home. Did he really think a guitar song would make up for drunken behavior, plus Andi might be a prude, so, there's that. I feel like it's really weird that Eric died after he left that way. Is that weird to anyone else? No other guys have left a lasting impact on me. I hope someone brings things up a notch because I'm about to start yawning.

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