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Look Who's Three {Photo Share}

Photo share from Kaleb's 3 year old photo session. Photos were taken by the amazing Chitwood Photography.

When I started thinking about Kaleb's 3 year photos, I immediately knew I wanted something that captured all things, boy. I knew I wanted rustic, outdoors and a creek. The clearest choice was my grandparents farm. I grew up going to my grandparents every Sunday and now that they are both in a better place, I knew I wanted some lasting memories of their place. It was one of the most fun photo shoots I've been on. I'm so thankful for these pictures that capture Kaleb's personality at age 3 and the beauty of where I grew up. Thanks Marsha!

This rug that Kaleb is sitting on was given to me by my grandma. I remember when she gave it to me, she said, "Samantha, you always wanted to sit on this rug when you were's yours now if you want it."

I cherish that little rug.

Thank you, Marsha for capturing everything from my grandparents house, to the creek, to the barns, and all the way to the corn fields!

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