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Tuesday 10 {single sentence edition}

1. Do parents actually send their kids to boarding school or is that just a Harry Potter/fancy people on tv, kinda thing?

2. Stop trying to make everyone think you own a yeti cooler by wearing a yeti cooler hat, you look dumb.

3. Yestergo: Kaleb's version of any day in the past.

4. For the first time in years, I left my house at 10 p.m. (on a week night) to go have beers with friends and pretend I was 20 again. 5. News flash: I'm not 20 anymore and I have an adult job that requires me to show up mentally, not just physically.

6. I hate non nap weekends.

7. My decision to buy extra cotton candy for Kaleb's party has proven to be the best decision of the summer. 8. My birthday is in 10 days and I'll be accepting any and all charming charlie, sephora, or hobby lobby gift cards that might come my way...oh, and, any sort of gift card that'll buy me booze, because I heart booze. 9. Lately, the more people I engage with, the more I appreciate my kid. Shit folks, let's get it together. 10. I'll say this through my tears and shivers of pain, I got what I deserved by only wearing SPF 4 to the lake this past weekend.

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