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Tuesday 10 {Single Sentence Edition}

1. Mixing play-doh colors brings me anxiety unless it's the blue and green rolled into a ball, in which looks like the earth, but other than that, anxiety.

2. I'm getting my exercise back on and it feels pretty good.

3. Did I tell y'all I accepted my new job solely on the fact I can wear jeans on Wednesdays and Fridays?!

4. Overly energetic/patient/nice moms who have more than 1 kid in public, piss me off. 5. My favorite thing about the time change is the fact Kaleb and I get watch the sun rise on the way to school/work and it always reminds me that Charles is starting the day with us. 6. Someone please help me keep track of all the movies I never get to see in the theater and set up my netflicks account, accordingly. 7. Things just become awkward when someone wants you to watch a video on their phone and it's longer than about 25 seconds. 8. When going to work on Monday actually sounds delightful, that means the kid drove your ass crazy over the weekend. 9. Mind blowing news: Adele is 24 and Taylor Swift is 23. 10. and then, there was that time that the giveaway was the bomb digity.

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