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Tuesday 10

1. Take this as a warning. From now until about July, I'm gonna be a wreck. You'll either see me on a blogging and social media hiatus or I'll be blowing your feed up because I'm lonely. The 1 year mark is fast approaching but before that hits, I've gotta get through our wedding anniversary, mothers day, Kaleb's 3rd birthday, my birthday and father's day. Seeing as how I'm back to crying every single day, these next few months are gonna be real tough. In all seriousness, pray for me. Please? And don't judge me or take anything personal. July can't come fast enough. 2. I need to use the word hiatus more. 3. Walmart needs to amp up their game by adding a social security office kiosk. I mean, neither place requires your children to wear shoes so what's really the difference? You could literally complete your entire task list under the one roof we like to call, Wally World. Groceries? Check. Nails painted? Check. Hair did? Check. McDonalds for lunch? Check. Contacts refill? Check. Cash a fat check? Check. Draw social security? Check. See how that works out? 4. Take note: this is the first AND only time I'm gonna tell you that I even remotely like a cat. And he's not even a real cat. That show Peg + Cat that I was bitching about a while back? Yeah, it's not such a bad show after all and the cat in the show? He's borderline cool. He has a fun, not-annoying voice, plus he's purple with a sarcastic personality. I almost like him. 5. Speaking of almost, y'all almost didn't get a Tuesday 10 because I was under the weather this past weekend and it was like WHOA. I didn't leave the couch for a few days. Y'all are very lucky I still exist. 6. I've now gone longer than 4 weeks where my nail and toe polish don't match. I'm not sure what my world is coming to. 7. Grandparents don't spoil my child at all.

8. Is anyone under the age of 50 actually still watching dancing with the stars? I'm not judging, just wondering. I'm really shocked it still comes on. Kinda like greys anatomy, which I def watch.

9. So Kaleb Is starting to come home with lots of artwork. Since he didn't do art at his first daycare, I cherish every peice but I don't know what to do with it all. Does just putting it in a folder suffice? I mean, I'll put the awesome ones on the fridge, obvs, but what about the less awesome ones? If ya know what I mean.

10. Speaking of school, I'm very pumped to make some overly Pinterest Easter crap for his first school party. Ideas? I'm very new to this whole school-mom thing. I'm sure the newness will ware off by Christmas.

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