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Tuesday 10

1. I had my first experience of "junking" this weekend in Round Top/Warrenton Tx. Overall, it was overwhelming and awesome. Miles and miles and miles of shopping for junk and things with rhinestones. If you've never been, you should go. My son will even escort you around in a golf cart. He only wrecked us once in all 3 days. 2. Has anyone ever been to a/The Spa Castle? There's one is the Dallas area and is a very likely choice for my 31st birthday getaway. If you've been or know anything about it, lemme in on the deets! 3. Speaking of commenting, everytime someone comments and says, "I loved #3 or totally agree with #7", I def have to go back and look what each of those numbers were. I'm not sure why you needed to know this. 4. My kid took a dump in our backyard. That's all there is to say about that.

5. I'm kinda bitter lately for no real reason. Just because I wanna. In my bitterness, I have found that I tolerate less and less bitching from folks. If the very first thing out of your mouth is a complaint, I'm out.

6. I just feel like blogging once or twice a week with decent crap is better than blogging every day with boring shit. Yes? I envy those who can blog every day and still keep my attention. This is why writing a book will be ideal for me, I say it all once and I'm done. 7. So last week I asked Kaleb who he played with at school and he said,

"Car Sue!"

And I said, "Car Sue?! Maybe Carla Sue??"

He said, "yeah Car SUE, he's a girl!"

So at that point I just left it alone because clearly we were both confused. Then, all weekend he kept talking about CarSue and how she was a "big girl" at his school. We heard "CarSue" so often it became a joke. I had no idea if this CarSue was a real person, a substitute teacher, a kid in his class or the butterfly he made.

Fast foward to Monday as I'm picking Kaleb up from school. I walk in his classroom and there I'm approached by Kman and a female classmate (who's a lot taller than him) and she said,

"Hi Kaleb's mommy, I'm Cora Sue!"

Kaleb replies, "see mommy, CarSue!"

Mystery solved. 8. Hat hair might just be the most unrecoverable thing a woman has to deal with. Once you put one on, there's no turning back until you're in the shower, ready to wash. Amiright. 9. When all else fails, eat Cadbury Mini Eggs and take a nap. 10. A big shout out to my dude for being a rockstar in this whole potty training thing. A little less shout out to his crazy mom for telling him to pee in his pull-up when I don't feel like taking him to the bathroom.

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