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Tuesday 10

1. I think I liked too many songs on Pandora because even on shuffle, those are the only songs it plays. If I delete all my current stations, will it reset my likes and dislikes? I have real problems in my life.

2. Veggie Tales? I know it's supposed to be a good show with good Godly lessons but OhEmGe. I cannot stand how freaking annoying it is. Watching vegetables with no legs or arms bounce around is worse than watching......I dunno, that might actually be the worst.

3. I'm truly sorry to all retail stores who find randomly placed merchandise where it doesn't belong. When homeslice is with me, he thinks he needs all the toys and all the things. I let him put 'em in the cart and then when he isn't looking, I put them back on the shelf. More times than not, they don't end up on the correct shelf. This is my public apology.

4. Having a margarita whilst getting a mani/pedi is a beautiful fucking thing.

5. Sweet Baby Jesus. I layed out twice this weekend. It's mid February y'all, and I'm laying out! In the sun! Life really doesn't hate me.

6. I want to go on a honeymoon. Minus the honey. Basically I wanna take an all-inclusive vacay by myself. The beauty of going alone is, there's no one to judge you on how much guacamole you eat or how drunk you get.

7. When your dad randomly calls to take you to "lunch" on a Sunday, always know there's a hidden agenda. He secretly wants to take the kid to every tractor place around and buy him all the things and all the candy. 8. Kaleb and I are at our wits end with each other. We're seriously at the point where just a 1 night break doesn't even help. I'm so ready for him to start his new school and make new friends and I'm so ready for that honey-less honeymoon that I don't have planned. Seriously though, we walk around sighing at each other. I know he's just as annoyed at me as I am at him. The other day I said, "Mercy child, it never ends with you!" He said, "WHAT?? I not no child, I Kay-wub Amidon." On the up side, he did tell me I looked like a princess. And I still had last night's makeup on. 9. Office supply ordering has to be the best thing eva! I mean, when they tell you to go nuts, you best believe I'm ordering that 28 pack of colored sharpies! Oh! And speaking of office supplies, did you know they made adhesive dry erase board wall planners?!? What the wha!!! {Hey, if I can't take myself on a honeymoon, I might as well get excited about office supplies} #smallthingsinlife #likemulticoloredsharpies 10. I'm beyond sad that Juanny Pabs let Renee go. They had the best hometown date, her family liked him and didn't cause awkward drama. I'll always be #teamrenee and I feel like she'll be the next Bachelorette. Unless she doesn't want to be away from her son again. Which, obvs. And Clare, your family is freakin' weird. What's really happening there?

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