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Tuesday 10

1. How do you get static out of your hair and hair brush? I've had like a week straight of bad hair days because of static. Yet another reason summer is better than winter.

2. Kaleb has holiday confusion. Since he thoroughly enjoyed Halloween and Christmas this year, he now doesn't understand why we don't say trick or treat at every one's door and why we can't stroll around to see the Christmas lights. How do you explain the calendar year to a 2yr old?

3. That awkward moment Texans have when they blow the heater full blast in their car, on the morning commute, and then nearly suffocate from heat exhaustion in the afternoon.

4. I think it's interesting when FB suggests folks you might know, and you actually have 52 friends in common with that someone, but you don't have a clue who that person is.

5. I had a nightmare dream that I had another child. I literally woke up sweating and crying because I so didn't want another kid. I'm not normal.

6. How come, sometimes, Pringles are the only chip that'll satisfy but then sometimes it's like, "Pringles?! Psh. Please let's eat real chips."

7. How old was your kid when you let them start wearing makeup? Because we started at two.

8. I'm not good at math. In fact, saying I'm not good at it, doesn't even do justice in letting you know how I loath it. However, when it's the middle of the night and I'm wide ass awake, I can calculate in less than 2 seconds, exactly how many more hours/minutes/seconds of sleep I could get if I fell asleep RIGHT now. 9. So, Kaleb got accepted into a "big boy school". And I stress the quotations on the word school. He attends an in-home daycare right now with just 3 other kiddos. Come March 3rd, he'll be going to a regular daycare with like a teacher and classrooms and stuff. He'll need a backpack, a mat, art supplies, the whole shebang. Of course, he thinks he'll be attending "school" so please, no one tell him it's really just a daycare. I'll have to punch you. No but seriously, please keep US in your prayers. And yes, I say "us" because I started crying just from simply reading the lunch menu. My dude needs this change, we both do, but it won't be easy. Trust me, if you forget to pray for us on March 3rd, I'll remind you via all the social media things.

10. Two things: Juan Pablo gets hotter with every episode and Clare has weird teeth to the point where she can't talk normally. #teamrenee

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